Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Good afternoon, baby cakes! Today I have an old favorite back on the blog: It Cosmetics! As you all know, I'm pretty easily excitable ("Hey guys. I'm excited to show you..." How many times have I said that?) but I absolutely love showing you guys products from the It Cosmetics line. As I've said before, they're just one of those companies that you buy anything from and get fantastic results. Today I have a gorgeous mascara and a game-changing tightline primer!

It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Primer and Hello Lashes Mascara

It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Primer
For those of us who weren't born with gorgeous, lush lashes (myself included), this one's for you! The Tightline Full Lash Length Black Primer (say that ten times fast) was made to not only prime your lashes but to fill in any sparse parts in your tightline. The product lays down black pigment in between your lashes to create a full lash line. Pretty sweet, right? I really enjoy how skinny the wand is because it allows me to get into all the nooks and crannies of my eyelashes. The formula is nice and thin and workable without clumping and contains It Cosmetics usual plethora of collagen, protein, green tea, jojoba and vitamins.

So how do you use this? For a nice full lash line, take the wand horizontally and starting from the roots of your lashes, lightly press the wand along your lash line to fill in any gaps. As a lash primer, use like you would with a normal mascara.


From the pictures, it doesn't look like much but in person I noticed a significant darker lash line.

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara
Hello Lashes is a 5-in-1 mascara promising a volumizing mascara, conditioning lash primer, lash-enhancing serum, lash tint and a lash comb/curler. I absolutely love the wand! The brush (they call it a triple brush) lengthens, volumizes and separates my lashes while the ball at the ends get into every part I normally couldn't with a normal wand. I also noticed that the formula is a really nice consistency - not too thick and not too thin; just right in the middle. 

(Oh hey there veins! Lashes primed with It CosmeticsTightline Primer)
I really liked this mascara. I don't know if you guys can tell in the pictures, but my lashes went from "meh dark brown" to "holy crap black". They looked so full and black!

Overall, I really liked both products! The Tightline Primer was fantastic in filling in all my sparse areas in my lash line. It also added a little something extra when a mascara is used over it. Hello Lashes was perfect and might possibly be my new favorite mascara! The formula was amazing and left my lashes looking long and dark!
IT Cosmetics: Buy - Hello Lashes Buy - Tightline Primer - Site - Facebook  | Price: $24 each