Monday, February 3, 2014
Hey dolls! Anyone expecting snow this week? *Raises hand* We're supposed to get hit three times this week. The first storm just hit today and we got totally dumped on. I can't help but think it moments like this, "Can't a girl just get some warmth and sunshine?" I might have to wait a few more months to walk out in shorts but at least until then I can fake it!

Wearing: Toma's Air Brush Spray / Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Fake Bake Flawless and Bare Minerals Faux Tan
Ah, my two favorite self tanners! Yes, I'm one of those girls that sometimes feels better with a tan. No, I do not like tanning in tanning beds (it's just not for me) and no, I do not think everyone looks better with a tan. Everyone is naturally gorgeous in whatever skin color they have or choose to alternate. Phew. I think that's every question that I'm sure will be asked. *Pictures from

Bare Minerals Faux Tan was the first high-end fake tan out of the bottle I ever used. Out of the pump-style nozzle comes out a very dark brown lotion with a greenish tint to it. The greenish tint is always a good sign and means that when it develops, it won't be orange. When applied to the body, it remains dark so you can see where you put it. I really like using a lotion with a tan guard because I'm horrible at remembering where I already put it. Application wasn't messy but I always recommend wearing gloves or using a mitt when applying any self tanner so your palms don't get all tan (it looks weird, I promise you). Of all the years I've used this, I have yet to experience streaking. With the tan guard, it's basically a no-brainer. Normally, I put this on before I go to bed. I wait about 10 minutes for it to completely dry before I hit the sheets. In the morning, I'm tanner then tan! How dark you get completely relies on how long you leave it on. If I leave it on for five hours, I get a light tan. Overnight, I'm a completely different skin tone. The smell is alright. When applying, it has a nice cherry almond smell that goes away after about 8 hours. This tan lasts about 4-5 days and fades pretty gradually.

Fake Bake Flawless is a liquid spray fake tan. It comes with a spray nozzle to spray the liquid onto a mitt and rub it in. Unlike Bare Minerals Faux Tan, this has a red undertone. Again, this tanner also has a tan guard on it. I like to spray on my body and then rub it in with a mitt but you can also spray onto the mitt and then rub onto your body. The scent is tropical which is nice and doesn't seem to stink after it dries. This dries QUICK which is nice and doesn't rub off on your sheets if you tan before you go to bed. This tanner lasts about 3-4 days and fades first in any part of your body that rubs together (inside of your elbow, etc.) which is a bummer. I really like using this tanner when I'm in a rush because the tan guard looks natural enough to wear out if need be.

* For a great tan that lasts always exfoliate first (I like LUSH Ocean Salt Cleanser) and moisturize your rough spots (elbows, knees). Always be careful applying to your face. Some tanners are not recommended to be used near the eyes so always check first.

Benefit Hoola and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
Benefit Hoola Bronzer is one of my favorite bronzers of all time. It's matte, it's brown without any orange-y tint to it and does the job perfectly of making my skin look nice and tan. $30 for a bronzer can be a hard pill to swallow. I've heard Wet N Wild Bronzer in Sunny is a close dupe. 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is another great bronzer. A bit darker then Hoola but still matte and gives a great tanned glow. This smells absolutely amazing! Like a chocolate bar on your face due to the actual cocoa in the bronzer and yes, it tastes sweet. Not that I recommend liking your bronzer or anything.

Swatches of Benefit Hoola | Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Toma's Tan Self Tanning Airbrush Spray
Basically, tanning heaven in a can. I first heard about this through Miss Cara from Maskcara who used this on her clients to give them a quick glow without all the waiting from a fake tanner. Please note that I used this like her, not as a full body tanner but as a quick tan to the face. I do not know how long it lasts on the body although I heard not long at all. It always washes off at night using soap. Anywho, I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It's quick and easy and actually smells like 7-Up. I actually like to spray the tanner onto the dampened sponge and then apply as to make sure I don't get it in my eyes.

* I feel like people should know this but please always be careful when using a tanner (nonetheless a spray one) near or on your face. Especially near your eyes.

These are my five favorite ways to look tan in the winter but I'd love to hear yours! What are your favorite self tanners and bronzers?