Thursday, March 27, 2014
I think it's safe to say we all know how much I love eyeshadow palettes. Victoria Beckham loves stilettos, Kim loves Kanye and XO, Noelle loves eyeshadow palettes. When you add chocolate into the mix, we're on a whole other level of love. Cue the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette which I'm pretty sure is my new favorite thing ever.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
This palette contains 16 eyeshadows ranging from mattes to frosts all in yummy chocolate inspired shades. Guys, when you open this palette, it smells like chocolate! After convincing myself that there was no way this palette could possibly smell that good, I read that they infused cocoa powder into the shadows. Mystery solved. I'm not crazy. (My mother had me tested ;))

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
The packaging. Ah, the packaging! I think the shape of it speaks for itself and how awesome it is all on it's own. I do, however, love that it's a tin so I can count on this being pretty sturdy to bring with me when traveling. It has a magnetic closure but I noticed if you leave the plastic overlay with the eyeshadow names on it that it comes with, it can sometimes get caught and not close.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

  • Gilded Ganache - a dark brown with gold shimmer. Great pigmentation but is a teensy bit on the dry side.
  • White Chocolate - a pale matte vanilla. Like butter to work with. Soft and nice to work with. With any lighter shadow, I think patting it on rather than swiping it is the key to keeping it opaque and not sheered out by blending.
  • Milk Chocolate - a soft light brown matte. This is the perfect crease color for transitioning! Soft, easily blendable and super pigmented.
  • Black Forest Truffle - a plum with gold shimmer. Sweet niblets! Talk about beautiful. Pigmentation is there, it's blendable. It's just perfection.
  • Triple Fudge - a deep dark brown matte. This was meh for me. A bit chalky and dry to work with.
  • Salted Caramel - a warm-toned light brown matte. Another perfection crease shadow for transitioning! Awesome color pay off.
  • Marzipan - a pink-toned beige shimmer. So stunning! Great pigmentation, easy to work with and soft.
  • Semi-Sweet - a red-toned medium brown matte. Like buttah! Soft and pigmented. 
  • Strawberry Bon Bon - a matte pale pink. With this shade, a primer or better yet a white base would work best underneath. It doesn't have much color pay off by itself but once something is underneath it, it looks nice.
  • Candied Violet - a dark purple base with violet micro glitter. I know lots loved this shade but it was just alright for me. The shimmer is gorgeous but it seemed dry to apply.
  • Amaretto - a darkened bronzey copper. Gorgeous color pay off and nice to work with.

  • Hazelnut - a warm-toned brown with gold shimmer. Awesome pigmentation and color pay off. Soft and easy to blend.
  • Creme Brulee - a gold metallic. Fantastic color pay off, soft and easy to blend. Seriously. One of my faves.
  • Haute Chocolate - a taupey brown with bronze shimmer. A bit dry of a texture. Color pay off was okay though.
  • Cherry Cordial - a burgundy with subtle silver shimmer. Yeah, the shimmer is very subtle but I promise it's there. Nice pigmentation, easy to blend. 
  • Champagne Truffle - a light pink beige champagne. Very sparkly with great pigmentation. This might be my new favorite highlighter.

(Lid: White Chocolate | Crease: Milk Chocolate | Outer V: Semi-Sweet)

Overall, I swoon over this palette! There were a few shades that you have to work with but nothing I would consider to be a deal breaker. The rest of the shades were absolute perfection to work with: soft, pigmented and blendable. The packaging is absolutely adorable and sturdy. The shadows, packaging and the chocolate scent are all so cohesive with each other. Love when that happens! My favorite shades would have to be: Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle and Creme Brulee! 

Where to Buy: Sephora | Price: $49
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