Friday, March 7, 2014
Is it Esper-ahn-za or Espe-ran-za? Either way it's bea-u-tiful! I'm talking about the Kat Von D Esperanza Palette, a new limited edition palette for spring. The palette includes 8 eyeshadows including a transformer veil shade (say whaaaaat!?). Also, fun fact: the palette is infused with rose extract to moisturize the delicate eyelid area. #knowledgeispower

Let's talk packaging. There's a sugar skull, people. Sugar skulls are one of my favorite things ever! I'm almost positive Kat Von D designed this palette with me in mind. Naturally ;) Behind the flowers and the sugar skull is a subtle ombre of orange to yellow to turquoise. It just all ties together. The palette is pretty small and is about the size of my hand. I'm a teensy bit bummed that it's cardboard as all of her palettes are normally metal or something a bit sturdier. At least it's magnetized to close, right? 

The palette also comes with an enormous built-in mirror!

Kat Von D Esperanza Palette

  • Selena - a glitter purple. I would describe it as a bright purple with iridescent turquoise sparkles. Some fall out but nothing horrible.
  • Dayglo - a transformer shade, iridescent white. Oh my goodness. Where do I even start? This is my new favorite highlighter shade. It gives off a tiny green/gold sheen and is SUPER pigmented. You can wear this over other eyeshadows to change up the color.
  • Galore - a pearl peach. Super pigmented and smooth to work with. I heard this shade was also in the Kat Von D Spellbinding Palette but when compared this edition was darker.
  • Placebo - a matte peony pink. I think this is more of a matte coral but it's stunning nonetheless. The pigment is fantastic and blends easily. 
  • Santeria - a glitter greenish grey. Oh swoon. I would describe this as a dark grey toned shadow with green shimmer and silver sparkles. This shade is stunning. It's pigmented. It's unique. It's everything I could ask for. It blends superbly. Slight fall out but nothing horrible.
  • Archangel - a sparkle seafoam green. A bit powdery but incredible pigmentation. 
  • South - a matte beige. Again, awesome pigmentation but a tiny bit powdery. This is a fantastic shade to blend out other colors with.
  • Dog Roses - a sparkle bronze. What a gorgeous shade! The pigmentation is insane in this one, Obi Wan Kanobi. Super blendable and smooth to work with.
(Inner corner: Dayglo | Outer corner: Santeria | Crease: South | Lower lash: Dog Roses / Santeria)

Overall: Kat Von D does it again! I absolutely love this palette. The glitter shades did have some fall out but nothing insane. All the eyeshadows are super pigmented and easy to work with. My favorite shades would have to be Santeria, Dayglo and Placebo. I can't wait to use these in lots of spring/summer make up.

Would you purchase this palette? 

Kat Von D | Buy: Sephora - Price: $36.00
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