Monday, March 31, 2014
Psst. Want to be gold for a day? As fun as it would be to made up of ores (a little science humor for you), I've got the next best thing: Rite Aid is letting their customers "Go gold for the day!" with an exclusive 20% off coupon valid today through April 16th! 

Print your coupon out here!

Unfortunately, after April 16th, the 20% off won't work. But there is a way to get 20% off ALL YEAR. All you have to do is join Rite Aid's Wellness+ Reward Program (which is free) and earn 1,000 points. As soon as you hit that mark, you'll have 20% off every time you go. As a mom-to-be and beauty freak, this is amazing to have. 20% off diapers AND mascara? I'm sold!