Monday, May 19, 2014
Summer is officially a teensy bit more than a month away (but who's counting?) which means it's time to get our prep on. I'm talking sunscreen, hair masks, moisturizers - the full sha-bang, people!

No need to freak - has got you covered with a beauty box filled with travel-friendly goods to help you get your summer on!

The Summer Prep box contains six travel-friendly (think deluxe/sample size) products that add up to a $95 value! The goods come in a super sleek, almost-rubberized box (think kind of like NARS packaging) which I think is pretty cool. I mean, it's cardboard in the end but I actually really liked the feel. You guys know me and packaging! Two of the products have been announced via but the rest have been kept a secret - until now! Don't peek if you plan on buying and want to be surprised! 

The inside! Let's check out the products a little more in depth, shall we? :)

Kitsch Hair Ties - $9 (for full size)
There is almost nothing that makes a long-haired girl more excited than hair ties for summer! I love these because they're wider than a normal hairband and I feel it grips my hair more gently but still firm enough to run around and not worry about it falling down. I may be the only one, but I was also pretty excited that these don't leave creases in your hair - or your wrist! How many have them around their wrist for the day and practically have to amputate to get a normal hairband off? Not with these babies!

Cotz Face Natural Skintone Sunscreen with SPF40 - $5 (for deluxe sample size)
This facial sunscreen has an SPF of 40 with a "skintone" tint to it. When I first applied the sunscreen, I didn't think the color matched my skintone at all but once I rubbed it in, the skintone tint became translucent. I also really enjoyed that this left a nice, silky matte finish - almost like a primer! This product says to always apply liberally 15 minutes before going into the sun.

 Purlisse Pur-Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer with SPF30 - $55 (for full size)
This moisturizer contains a Hydra-Shield Complex that provides a balanced SPF30 sunscreen along with Vitamin E and Soy Proteins to keep your skin soft and supple and White Tea to calm sensitive skin. The consistency is a nice lotion and leaves your skin feeling soft and protected without the grease some sunscreens leave behind. This does have a slight sunscreen scent but it's not a big deal breaker for me. I really love having this in my bag on-the-go. I don't know how many times I wish I packed a nice sunscreen when we go on spur-of-the-moment fishing trips or boat rides. Total lifesaver here!

nelson j Beverly Hills Healing Masks - $10 (for three sample packets)
I have been on the biggest hair mask kick so this was SO awesome to see in the box. While I've never heard of nelson j Beverly Hills, I have heard of Argan Oil and have always been a little weary about using oils (in general) in my hair since it's so thin and can sometimes get greasy looking. The packets I received are all moisture healing masks perfect for protecting your hair from Chlorine and salt water. I received three different scents: pomegranate (yum!), rosemary mint and coconut (double yum!). 

After your normal shampoo, apply one of the masks to towel dry/slightly damp hair. You can leave it in for a minute for a quick repair or a little bit longer for some deep reconditioning. If you have thin hair like me, rinse the mask after use and then shampoo again. According to the packet, to protect your hair for saltwater or Chlorine, before swimming, get your hair wet and apply a mask from the root to the ends and don't rinse. I have yet to try that since we haven't opened the pool yet, but I'll be reporting back to let you know how it goes! I used the pomegranate mask and was really surprised by how nice and soft my hair felt after. Definitely a thumbs up!

Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance in Light Gold - $15 (for deluxe sample size)
Gleam is makeup, moisturizer and a glow for your body and face all in one! I received the color "Light Gold" and wasn't sure what to expect. Upon applying to my skin like a lotion, it looked almost too yellow and too opaque but after rubbing it in, it left a nice, sheer gold glow on my skin. I think this would look amazing on your legs, decolletage and shoulders for a date night out. It has a light, coconut scent that I can't put my finger on what it reminds me of but it's a good thing, I promise! For makeup, you can mix this into your foundation for a glowy effect. This is transfer-resistant and apparently buildable although I have to admit, I couldn't really get it to build up anymore. I prefer a subtle glow anyway. 

Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer  with SPF30 - ($5 for three sample packets)
Right off the bat, a few things made me happy:
- It was an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.
- It's made in the USA.
- It's cruelty free and vegan.
- "Suntegrity was made in honor of my Mom and all of those who have lost their lives to skin cancer. May you wear this sunscreen and smile in their memory." - Tricia T.

As someone who has a family member with skin cancer, it's a reminder for me to never go to the beach (or really anywhere) without it. I specifically like this sunscreen because it's moisturizing on my face as well as a nice little primer. It has a yummy citrus scent that makes me incredibly happy to put it on (rather than when it smells like typical sunscreen, I kind of dread it). Please note that this sunscreen is not waterproof so use a water-resistant one if you plan on swimming.

Overall: I'm so pleased with this box! There were a lot of goodies from brands I've never tried so that's always fun to get a box like that and try new things. My favorite products were the hair masks by nelson j Beverly Hills and the Suntergrity Sunscreen & Primer! 

What were your favorite products from this box? Summer Prep Collection BoxBuy | Price: $25 (shipping included!)
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