Thursday, May 22, 2014
Hi dolls! So I'm rounding out (literally) my second trimester and heading into my third trimester in a few weeks. I can't believe in three months, I'll have a little baby boobah in my arms. I can't wait!

I'll have a "Top 5/10 2nd Trimester Faves" post coming up soon but for now I wanted to share some products that I've been drooling over and was like, "Hey! Those would make cute baby shower gifts!"

I also just want to quickly preface this and throw it out there that I do not expect people to buy me these; they're just cute/cool/interesting things I've found through Pinterest and Etsy and who knows where else. This might help people who are stuck on something to buy for a mommy-to-be or for mommy-to-be's who just want to check out what other mommy-to-be's think are cool. :) I totally do that.
21Bundles is such a cool idea for a mommy-to-be, whether you're gifting it or ordering it yourself! It's a monthly subscription for the 9 months of being pregnant + a year your their little one arrives = 21 Bundles (SO cute!). Each box is filled with baby-safe natural products that are appropriate for whatever month you/they are in. You can subscribe month to month for $39.99 per month, a 3-month subscription for  $109.99 or a 6-month subscription for $209.99. Tell me this wouldn't be an adorable baby shower gift! 

* Also awesome (but pricier) is The Honest Company which isn't a subscription box per say but you do get adorable diapers/cleaning products/etc. at your door for a price per month (price varies on what you choose).

Nursing Scarves - NurooBaby | InfinityMOM | graceeugene
Okay. So maybe I'm more into these because I plan on breastfeeding but I mean, c'mon. These are adorable! I love the idea of an infinity scarf doubling as a nursing cover. Not only is it something I'll wear even after I'm done, but it's too cute to boot! Prices range from $20-25. 

It's pretty clear that I have dove head first into all things boy (and mustaches). I mean, these are freakin' adorable! I'm dying over that viking hat with the red beard (they also offer a viking hat with little braids!). The Mustachifier is hilarious. The personalized blanket is one I saw Tiffany Thorton use when her baby was born so I kind of plan on getting something similar for our babe.

I have never seen any of these gifts at a baby shower, but I want to (at my own) ;) Kidding. I don't know how my fiance would feel seeing our son in a pink giraffe hat. But the Baby Ducks sippy cup and scarf bibs (also comes in a set of blues)? SO cute. What mom doesn't want to see their baby in a giraffe hat, Starbucks-lookalike sippy cup and scarf bib? Exactly.

Moccasins - Freshly Picked
Behold! The cutest little moccasins you've ever seen. Albeit a tiny bit expensive (about $60 a pop), they are made from the highest quality genuine leather. Super soft and easy to put on (and take off about a million times), these moccasins have graced the pages of US Weekly and the feet of baby Kardashians.

So that's my list! I can't help but want like, all of it. I'm dying to know. What's your fave gift to give at a baby shower? Do you stick to the registry or go off on your own? :)

*All pictures belong to their rightful owners. I do not claim that any are mine.