Tuesday, June 24, 2014
If you told me last year that I'd spend many countless nights staying up waiting for MAC limited edition collection launches, I would've call you a liar. But alas, I have caught the MAC bug and have two sleepless nights under my belt: one for the Alluring Aquatics Collection and one for the Kelly x Sharon Osbourne Collection. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet), I really only wanted one lipstick from this collection so it wasn't too chaotic. All I really wanted was MAC Kelly Yum Yum!

Kelly Yum Yum is described as "bright blue pink satin" but it's definitely more of a neon fuchsia with a slight blue undertone. I've read it's comparable to MAC's Candy Yum Yum but they're not really twins; more like sisters. Kelly Yum Yum is a little less blue, more pink and a satin while Candy Yum Yum is a matte. The consistency of Kelly Yum Yum was smooth and really easy to apply. 

I was kind of worried it would bleed or feather but it didn't! In fact, I actually wore this last weekend to my sister-in-law's baby shower and was incredibly surprised to find it had not budged within the three hours there filled with talking and lots of eating. Like, no fading, no nadda. However, I did find that after about four hours, my lips felt a little dry.

MAC Kelly Yum Yum
MAC Kelly Yum Yum

Overall: I'm SO happy I snagged this. I wanted Candy Yum Yum for the longest time but never bit the bullet. Then along came Kelly Yum Yum in its super adorable lilac packaging and I was sold. Full wear time was about 5-6 hours before it became a little too dry to wear. It did however pass eating, talking and drinking with flying colors and never faded or bled.

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