Monday, July 21, 2014
Hey mamas! So I'm pretty well into my third trimester right now (8 more weeks to go!) but before I go off into that, I wanted to share with you my second trimester favorites. Again, these are favorites that helped me out or that I loved but they might not be for everyone. As always, I'd love to know what your second trimester favorites are/were AND your third trimester faves :) Let's do this dance.

If there is one thing that I feel you need from this post, it's this. The Snoogle basically made my life. I started getting random back pains right about when the second trimester started. My hips also started hurting and I couldn't get comfortable at all. It was so annoying. I don't know what it is about this thing that I can't seem to achieve with a plethora of pillows but it is ah-maze-ing and really is a lifesaver for me. I actually made the mistake of not bringing it with me on vacation and I was so miserable and got absolutely no sleep. - Buy

H&M Mama Jeans
Okay. I lied. You need the Snoogle and a few pairs of these jeans. Especially for you mama's-to-be going through the fall and winter. Ugh, imagine how cute these will be with boots? The jeans are slim-fit and some are boot cut, some are straight leg; there's so many different styles to choose from. They have a bunch of different jean shades to chose from and for $34.95-$39.95, they're high quality. Let's just say, there's been weeks ahem, days I've gone wearing nothing but these and they're still kickin'. Also, some of the jeans have a full belly panel while some have half (covers half your stomach). I prefer the full because it smoothed out my belly and I didn't feel like I had to keep pulling it up. - Buy

Old Navy Tank Tops
These babies were (and still are going into the last trimester) my best friend. It's frickin' hot and sometimes it's hard to find a shirt that works with a growing belly. Sure, it might've fit last week but now you're channeling Britney Spears midriff-baring days in a not-cute way. Not only are these tanks cheap ($8.50 AND they go on sale all the time!?!) but no matter how many times I wash them, they won't stretch (where you don't want it to) nor have they shrunk. The models don't really show it, but these are actually on the long side which is perfect for our bellies. I bought larges in the beginning of the second trimester and I'm still wearing them now at 32 weeks. A tank and those H&M Mama jeans and we're good to go! - Buy

aden + anais Stretch Mark Reducing Cream
Guys, I slathered and marinated in lotions and cocoa butters and still got stretch marks. It's basically a luck of the draw. You're going to get them or you're not. This cream is amazing for knowing, that hey, if you do get them, there's something to help reduce the appearance of them. For the best results, you should use this from the beginning. I, unfortunately, didn't know about this in the beginning but did apply from when my stretch marks first appeared and have already noticed they've lightened some. - Buy

c.Booth Tahitian Monoi Dry Oil Spray
Whenever I find my skin getting a little dry (especially my belly), I spray some of this on, rub it in real quick and within a minute, my skin feels nice and soft. Ahh, instant relief. Also, it smells like paradise. Yumm! - Buy

Also wanted to give a huge shout out to Starbucks hazelnut frapps, Dunkin Donut's Boston Creme donuts and yoga pants for holdin' me down ;)