Tuesday, July 29, 2014
It's Ipsy glam bag time! Now, I always like to search other blogger's Ipsy posts and see what they received because there's a variation on what's in the bag depending on a person's hair color, eye color, skintone, etc. but I noticed there were barely any July Ipsy bag review posts. 
This month's theme is: Sensationally SunkissedHere comes the sun and a Glam Bag full of beauty products so good that even the sun would worship it. There isn't a gray cloud in sight this summer as we give you an amazing selection of brands and products fit to help keep you looking your best during summer's brightest days and warm long nights.
The Bag: It's cute. I mean, it's neon pink and I love hot pink anything. It's a bit smaller in size than the other Ipsy bags and is made out of a stretchy pleather material. Cute, but nothing to write home about.

Be fine Daily Moisturizer with SPF15
YES! Starting off the bag right with a fab moisturizer. It's lightweight and packed with antioxidants and proteins to balance your skin's moisture levels. It has Rosemary Leaf Oil in it to increase circulation, Pomegranate Extract to increase the effectiveness of the SPF (whatttt?), Safflower Seed Oil for hydration and Rice Protein to heal your skin and boost collagen growth. I'm not so sure about that Pomegranate Extract oil increasing the effectiveness of SPF. I've never heard of that one. But overall this is a nice, lightweight moisturizer; perfect for summertime.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass
Thank goodness this is awesome because I'd hate to like it for the name alone. Right off the bat, when you open this baby up, you're welcomed by a cherry scent (think cherry jello!). You can wear this on your lips and on your cheeks. The lasting power is insane but make sure to apply this with a lip brush or a brush you don't care about because it will stain whatever you use with it (fingers, bristles, etc.). This is semi-reminiscent of Benefit's Benetint but I think this stain is WAY better. It's not as bright red on the skin as you'd think it'd be. Definitely more pink-toned (see swatch below).

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil
Meh. This was a miss for me but is perfect for readers that like to lay out and get their tan on. I like to lay out but slather on the SPF instead of the oil. I've heard some have used this as a moisturizer but I haven't tried that yet.

Pur Minerals Big Look Mascara
GUYS. Look at the cap! How freakin' cute is that? Okay. Now that I'm done geekin' out over the packaging. The mascara itself? I haven't decided if I like it or not. The formula is a little on the wet side but the brush is nice with short little bristles all over it to help volumize and lengthen your lashes. This mascara contains Argan Oil which has antioxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamin E but I have no clue why they're in a mascara. One to two applications? You're golden. Anything over that and it's clump city. I don't really like that there's such a fine line between wispy and clumpy with this mascara but I do like the results before you get to that line.

bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in Divine Wine
Now that I'm done sulking that I didn't get a bareMinerals Moxie Lipstick, I can now review this. This five-in-one eyeshadow does it all: long-wear color, primer, brightening benefits, smoothes fine lines and has some SPF in it. The formula is really nice and silky smooth. No creases to be found with about five hours of wear even with my oily eyelids. The color is a little too dark for me to wear every day but I'll save this for when I want to do a smokey eye look.

Swatches of: bareMinerals Divine Wine | Elizabeth Mott Sass & Tints

Overall: I can't tell if I liked this bag or not. The bag itself was meh (cute but meh). The products were alright but didn't leave me going "OMG LOVE IT!" My faves from this bag would have to be the Befine Moisturizer and the Elizabeth Motts Tints & Sass. I liked the mascara but I can't tell how I feel 100% about it and the eyeshadow was nice but a little too dark. The oil was a miss for me.

What did you get in your Ipsy bag? If you're not subscribed to Ipsy, does this bag change your mind?

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