Monday, August 4, 2014
Hello my little mamacitas! I am so sorry for the irregular posts. Guys, I'm not going to lie. I've been exhausted lately. We have t-minus a month until Baby XO comes, we're FINALLY closing on a (new) house, I was sick all last night and it's just been happening so fast. It's been insane!

 Please Me is described as a matte mid-tone warm pink lipstick.
I would describe this as more of a yellow-y medium rose that is semi-matte with a sheen. The formula is surprisingly very smooth and not drying at all. I would say wear-time is about four to five hours. I do want to note that this lipstick is one of those that just looks different on just about every skintone. On Temptalia, it's a fun, bright pink but on The Misty Mom, it's more of a muted, toned-down pink. On my NC20 pale skin, I'd say this pulls almost peachy pink. Just something I thought was funny and wanted to give a heads up on :) Lastly, I know some people hate it but I love that MAC lipsticks all are vanilla-scented. Yummm!

MAC Please Me Lipstick
Overall: I've been on the lookout for the most perfect pink for a pale skintone and while this one is beautiful, I feel like I'm still searching for a more pink pink. The for 'Please Me' is incredibly smooth and for me, wasn't drying at all.  

MAC Please Me Lipstick - Buy | Price: $16

Have you found your perfect pink lipstick? Any recommendations?