Monday, July 7, 2014
Hey guys! No Mascara Monday today :( I've been running around like crazy helping my mom to get our baby shower ready for this Saturday (who decided we should hand make everything!?) so I might not be as active as usual. Okie dokie. Onto today's post:

FINALLY! After searching just about every drugstore within a five mile radius, I found the elusive Maybelline 'The Nudes' Palette - in Bed, Bath & Beyond of all places. First off, I wasn't even aware BBB had the extensive beauty section that it has. Is that something new? I mean, it was huge! Secondly, they only had one palette left (with a scratch in the gold shade but still packaged up tightly - how does that even happen?) so I happily snatched it up for "beauty blogging purposes only".

The Nudes Palette is one of supposedly many palettes coming out for Maybelline from now(ish - they're supposed to be in all stores by the end of July) going into 2015. I also read that this is supposed to be in the permanent collection.

Let's start off with the packaging: Super simple and straight to the point. As much as I love fun packaging, sometimes less is more. This works for me. It's made from Maybelline's signature black plastic palettes (just longer) with a pretty sturdy closure.

This palette comes with 12 shades ranging from mattes to shimmers and everything in between. I was pretty surprised by the pigmentation with these, especially because I had heard that they perform completely different (and better) with a primer underneath. Naturally, I was expecting the worst with that. The only issue I really had was with #12 (black). It was super chalky but it is buildable. I'll give it that. The matte shades performed pretty well albeit two are pretty light in color. My absolute favorite is the bronze (four in from the top left) and the gold (three in from the bottom left). I was surprised to see such a pretty iridescent (first top). Oddly, the light brown (second from top right) swatches and wears darker than in the pan. Overall, I'm impressed because it's a drugstore palette with some pretty fab shades in it but do you need it? Eh, that's a different story. I think this palette is great for make-up beginners or people looking for a nice neutral palette that doesn't already own one of the Naked's or Coastal Scents Revealed's.

The Nudes Palette swatches

Maybelline 'The Nudes' Palette | Availability: local drugstores + Bed, Bath & Beyond | Price: $9.99