Friday, August 8, 2014
Hey love muffins! Happy 400th post to me! :) Only took me two years to get here. No biggie. This mani celebrates a few things: 
- From where I started. This blog was initially a nails-only blog and has turned into SO much more. I love going "back to my roots" and doing nail art.
- A new polish line I've never heard of! They were in my Rite Aid Network box and you can find these babies at your local Rite Aid.
- A tutorial I saw on Pinterest where I was like, "I NEED TO DO THIS." and now, months later, I'm finally trying it out. The tutorial is from the ah-mazing Chelsea King here (PS. Follow me on Pinterest!).

 (Hello most awkward position EVER!)

I used: Julie G. Golden Sunset, Bonita You Mint A Lot To Me, This Beach is Bombay, Tag You're It! and Flaming Juan + a nail art brush
I would explain the tutorial but you're better off clicking the link to the picture of the tutorial because Chelsea explains it wayyyyy better than I do how to do the chevron effect. Instead of white, I used gold and instead of black, I used the Bonita polishes. For the outlined nails, I started off with a nice opaque base. I let it dry as much as I could and then took the Julie G. Gold Sunset with a thin nail art brush and traced around my nail. Pretty easy-peasy and makes it look like you've put way more effort into your nails than you actually did.

As for the Bonita Colors: I've actually never heard of this brand before I found them in my July Rite Aid Network box. They sent a total of eight so be on the look out for another post featuring the other four - they're gorgeous! Bonita You Mint A Lot To Me (a neon turquoise), This Beach is Bombay (a neon blue), Tag You're It! (a neon hot pink) and Flaming Juan (a neon orange) all have great formulas. They each require about three coats although you can layer it over a crisp white polish to cut that in half and make them really pop. My absolute favorite is Tag, You're It! 

                                          Where to buy: Your local Rite Aid! | Price: $3.99
* Press sample