Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Guys, I'm freaking out over these new OCC Unknown Pleasures Lip Tars Collection for Fall/Winter 2014! Talk about getting into the fall spirit, huh? The colors are so, so different than anything I'd ever think about buy (or rockin' outside my house) but - well, you'll just have to see how they look! Bet you'll be surprised!

Covet, Pagan, Manhunter, Technopagan, Lament and Vain

"The 'Unknown Pleasures' collection captures seasonal trend as created by OCC on the runways of NYFW, with shades that made their original debut at the Fall/Winter 2014 Collections. 'Unknown Pleasures' offers a range of colors that promise to tease and tempt the senses with chic neutrals like 'Lament' and 'Covet', to ultra-modern vamp shades like the Matte and Metallic duo of deep purples 'Pagan' and 'Technopagan'. In addition to the six all-new Lip Tar Mattes and Metallics and coordinating Nail Lacquer shades, 'Unknown Pleasures' delivers online-exclusive offerings as well as two new Cosmetic Color Pencil shades!"

Like all OCC Lip Tars, these babies come packed with organic hemp oil, vitamin E and peppermint oil for smooth, hydrated lips. A little goes along way which is definitely the MO with lip tars and are easily applied with a lip brush that always comes along with it.

Covet is a golden buff neutral.
The 90's are back for fall this year and this is perfect if you're looking to try that trend. I never in a million years thought I'd actually like a brown-toned lip but I'm surprised how much I fell in love with this. Consistency was nice and smooth and applied well. Wear time was about four hours.

Pagan is a blackened purple.
I'm just going to say it: I feel SO badass in this. It's so tough yet wearable (I swear!). I mean, sure, you probably can't rock this at an office job but anyone can rock this on a night out. Because it's so dark, it's a little unforgiving if you go out of the lines and guys, this baby stains so just take your time and if all else fails - concealer is your BFF for nice lines (hey, I tried!) Wear time is six hours +.

Manhunter is a red orange with gold shimmer.
Ay mami! If I had to pick the most "wearable" shade out of this collection, it would probably be this one but even this has a little somethin' extra to it. The gold shimmer is SO bold in person but unfortunately looks subtle in pictures. Consistency was fabulous and wear time was about four hours.

Technopagan is a blackened purple with blue pearl.
How ah-mazing is this color? It's so stunning. It's gorgeous but I never realized how uneven my lips were until I put this on. Overdrawn lips for the win! It's a little unforgiving because it's so dark but I suggest taking your time when "drawing" this on and DEFINITELY use the lip brush for this. Also, this baby STAINS. I mean, ST-AI-NS. I'm currently hours away from renewing my license photo and still have purple lips. Wear time is forever and a day and consistency was perfection.

Lament is a neutral rose beige.
With all these crazy colors, it's nice to have a little fresh neutral in the mix. Lament is described as a matte but I definitely never saw that. It stayed glossy almost the entire time I wore it. I also noticed the consistency of this was significantly looser than the others. Wear time was three hours.

Vain is a deep dark indigo.
Love this color but what a pain in the butt to capture on camera! It's definitely darker in person. Again, I'd never expect to love this as much as I do. I'm so tempted to just wear this out to get my license renewed. Consistency was great and smooth. Wear time was about four-five hours.

Overall: I would rock every single one of these. My faves are definitely Technopagan, Pagan and Covet! Which ones are your favorites?

OCC Unknown Pleasures Lip Tars | Buy: OCC / Sephora - Price: $18 
// Available in Sephora stores and OCC flagship boutiques 9/19
* Press sample