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Last Minute Costume | Zipper Face

Happy Halloween, everyone! This is my most favorite holiday EVER. Naturally, this year was a little busy ;) so costumes for the adults were the last thing on my mind.

Thank goodness for Rite Aid and their face kits (that are currently 50% off!). Looking for a last minute costume? This is so easy-peasy! They have a few to choose from but I chose (in my opinion) the creepiest of all: The Zipper Face!

The kit comes with:

  • Black and white face paint 
  • A zipper
  • Bloody scab
  • Spirit Gum
  • Spirit Gum Remover
  • Brush
  • Two Sponges
First things first, trace out where you want to place your zipper with a black eyeliner pencil. Then apply the spirit glue to that outline and apply the zipper. Tap the zipper into place. Tapping it kind of makes the spirit gum set faster. I had to apply the spirit gum a few times because it dried so quickly so I recommend doing it in small sections.

Next comes the Bloody Scab. I applied a red eyeshadow all over my "bloody" area first and than sponged on the Bloody Scab. You can use the black face paint to create darker, scabby areas or gob the Bloody Scab on to create darker areas like the blood started drying. I also brought the blood down to my next so it looked like it dripped down. 

Pretty gruesome and AWESOME! The quality actually isn't that bad for $3.99! Definitely a cool (and creepy!) last minute costume idea. Remember, Rite Aid currently has their Halloween stuff for 50% off! 

Hope y'all have a fun and safe Halloween tonight! xx Can't wait to show you pictures of Hunter in his costume! 


  1. omg this is the creepiest thing ever lol

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