Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Before I go full-on fall and Halloween (hopefully if little bud lets me!) on the blog, I had to share my last summer-y nail wraps from NCLA. I do think they're a darker floral print that totally works for fall as well but I mean, seriously, nail wraps don't have a season anyway so you can rock 'em whenever, babe.

Mommy Dearest is a beautiful vintage floral print of violet and teal inspired by your mom's best "Ladies Who Lunch" dress. The collection comes with 26 ultra-thin adhesives and a cute NCLA nail file. The wrap sizes range from wide to small so they fit just about any nail bed. 

How to apply NCLA nail wraps:

  • Start off with fresh, clean nails and than apply a coat of basecoat (I used NCLA Gloss It!) and let it dry.
  • Find the size that best fits your nail and peel from the sheet by the flap. 
  • Apply the most round part to your cuticle and stretch down until it fits perfectly. I know some are afraid to stretch it because they think it might break, but I promise you it won't. This is the most crucial part to get a nice, flat, flawless nail. 
  • Once you've fit it to your nail, firmly flatten it down starting from the cuticle and pressing your way down to the tip. 
  • Use the nail file in a downward motion to remove any excess wrap left over. Apply another coat of Gloss It! and you're all set! I really like using a coat for Gloss It! over it because it softens the nail wrap (as well as adds a shine to it) so you can go in one last time and press down anything you missed or smooth out any mistakes.

NCLA Mommy Dearest Buy - Price: $16
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