Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hi baby dolls! There's nothing worse than falling in love with a palette just to find out that it's not even available, am I right? Not the case with this palette! Urban Decay just announced that they're re-releasing the Urban Decay LTD Palette again on January 25th, exclusively on

Let's hop into this review by starting with the packaging. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? The case is a neon, acid green with a jeweled "UD" on top. My absolute favorite part of the packaging is the closure (see first picture). You have to push it in to have it pop open. Okay, so it might not wow a lot of people, but it tickles me, guys. I love it.

The palette itself is made up of 20 eyeshadows - 18 exclusive shades and two best sellers - ranging from wham-bam glitter bombs to neutrals. It also comes with a dual-sided brush like the Naked palettes.

  • Nameless - a medium taupe satin. Mmm, talk about applying like butter. Awesome color pay off. This is basically Deeper's cooler-toned cousin. I also noticed a little bit of frostiness in this shade.
  • Backdoor - a cool dark matte brown. To the touch, this shade is smoooooth but unfortunately, applied is a little on the dry side. It's not a total loss though and can be helped by wearing a primer underneath.
  • Deeper - a medium metallic bronze. Sa-woon! Urban Decay knows their way around a metallic. Smooth application and blended so well. Pigmentation was on point!
  • Disco - a pale metallic gold with with iridescent glitter. Okay. The picture does no justice to this color. It's definitely a bit more gold in real life. Unfortunately, the little glitters catch up in the brush and never make it onto your lid. Sadface. The base color itself though is beautiful. Glitter fall out but pigmentation for the base shade was nice.
  • Heat - a bright metallic copper. This baby is the closest thing to a metallic orange without actually being orange. It is so, so beautiful. Pigmentation is A+. Application was smooth as was blending.
  • Crystal - an icy metallic blue shimmer. This shade is all-around light. Light pigmentation and almost thin to the touch. It's workable but a little disappointing. I would've loved to have seen this a bit more pigmented. 
  • Goddess - a deep smokey blue with micro-glitter. I would describe this with more of a blackened navy base and lighter blue shimmer and micro-glitter. Unfortunately, this was a little dry and patchy application-wise. 
  • Vaporize - a medium metallic grey-taupe. This shade is ah-mazing and makes my top five faves from this palette. Super buttery soft, easy to blend and wear time was great at about 8 hours. Love, love, love it!
  • Floss - a deep metallic emerald with micro-glitter. I'd describe it as a blackened base with an emerald shimmer/micro-glitter. A little dry but totally workable and pretty pigmented nonetheless. Blending does fade it a bit so I recommend patting it on, blending, patting, etc. to build opacity.
  • Perversion - a soft matte black. While it was definitely more opaque and pigmented than I thought it would be with one swipe, it still falls a little flat. It fades when blended and is a little on the dry side. You can definitely gain some opacity by building it up but it kind of just falls into that "every other matte black" category.
  • Provocateur - an icy metallic pink with micro-glitter. Unfortunately, the base color outlasts the glitter. There's a lot of glitter that doesn't even make it to the lid due to fall out. If you really want to make this color work, spray some MAC Fix+ on your brush and then apply by patting it on your lid.
  • Hoodoo - a medium metallic violet with pink shift. Hoodoo that voodoo you do? Hahaha, sorry. Super smooth application but a tiny bit on the powdery side. No fall out to report. 
  • Freakshow - a bright purple satin. Now this is what I'm talkin' about! A nice, buttery-soft, bright purple. Pigmentation was on point and lasted about six hours.
  • Junkshow - a bright pink satin. Swatch-wise this was a dream but as soon as it got to the lid, it fell short and wasn't as pigmented. I definitely recommend using a base/primer/white underneath this to really make it pop.
  • Blitz - a bright metallic gold. Urban Decay is KILLIN' IT with the metallics in this palette. The color payoff from this baby is INSANE. I can't say enough good things about this shade.
  • Chase - a soft metallic bronze. Ugh, just amazing! One swipe had me dying over how pigmented it was without a primer underneath. Smooth, pigmented and wear time was over eight hours.
  • Last Sin - a pale champagne shimmer. I love when they include a great highlighter shade!  It's a bit lighter in person that what is swatched above. Teensy bit of fall out but otherwise great shade.
  • Roadstripe - an iridescent white with blue-violet shift. I wanted to love this so bad. The iridescence is there, the picture just doesn't show it. What kind of ruins it for me is that it just falls short opacity-wise. It's a little dry and found it hard to apply on my lid. It did, however, look awesome in the inner corner. So there's that :)
  • Anonymous - a pale peachy cream matte. YAAAAAAS! Velvety, smooth shade with amazing color pay off. A great neutral shade in a sea of brights in this palette.
  • Laced - a soft pink-nude matte. A teensy bit dry but otherwise great crease shade. Fab pigmentation, smooth and application was easy-peasy. 
Lid: Anonymous as a base and then Deeper on top | Crease: Laced | Outer V: Nameless | Inner corner: Chase | Bottom: Junkshow

So what do you think? Will you be buying this palette? Which is your favorite shade?

Available at Ulta on January  25th - $58