Friday, January 16, 2015
I love mascara! I'll just come right out and say it. It's up there with my insane love for eyeshadow palettes and basically anything limited edition (it's a sickness, guys). Mascara to me is like orange soda to Kel. Who loves mascara? I do, I do, I dooo-ooo.

The lovely people at were nice enough to send me the DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara to review - my first ever, super high-end mascara! sells brand name beauty products at discounted prices ranging from Dior to Sisley to Guerlain and everything in between. Make sure to check out the end of the review for an exclusive promo code for 15% for my readers only! xx

The DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara is a revolutionary mascara with a K-Polymer Formula to combine lengthening, lifting, coating and fixing polymers for some serious va-va-voom on your lashes. The special "c" shaped wand is inspired by a curling iron to create instant volume and curl that lasts. A research study concluded that 111% found increased curl upon makeup application in lash-measurement. That's pretty impressive! So does this mascara withstand the awesome hype? Let's check it out.

The special "c" shaped wand is inspired by a curling iron to create instant volume and curl that lasts.

My first thought when I opened this mascara was that the formula was THICK, guys. I automatically scraped about 1/2 of the product on the wand back into the tube. That being said, the consistency was bit on the drier side and not thin at all. One swipe gave me about all that I was going to get from this. 

A few days ago, I tried to push the limits with how many layers of mascara I could get away with without any funny looks from the fiance and surprisingly, only one layer of this mascara looked the best. Two layers bought me a one-way ticket to Clump City. Three layers made my lashes rival the best spider legs out there. I couldn't even get the wand through my lashes for a successful fourth try. 

It did, however, deliver on what it said it would do. It lifted, it lengthened, it curled. It lasted about eight hours without any significant loss of curl or flaking. Overall, I'm okay with it. I don't think it necessarily wow'd me but it didn't disappoint at the same time. 

Thankfully, with such a big discount off prices, you can buy a whole bunch of mascaras from and see which one works for you!

What do you think of the DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara? What's your holy grail mascara?

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