Thursday, February 26, 2015
Awww yeah. Things are about to get sexy up on this blog. Kidding. I mean, right now anything is sexier than a 24/7 five month old nursing bra, amirite? Yeah, my current bra has seen things, man. So when the lovely folks at ThirdLove let me sample some of their goods for the blog, I was allllllll over it. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures of me actually wearing it. I don't think you're ready for this jelly ;)

The Evolve Push-Up
I'm just going to come out and say it: Push up bras are my best friend. Once I hit 18, my boobs got huge, then I lost some weight and they shrunk and then I gained weight and they popped back up again. THEN I got pregnant and started breastfeeding. Needless to say, my boobs could probably use some help sitting up straight if you catch my drift. This bra comes with a front gold (ooh la la!) closure with soft, foam cups to help push them babies up. I think my favorite thing about this bra is that it has convertible straps so you can make it into a halter or even criss-cross it. It's so, so soft. I wear this under a normal t-shirt as well as under a sexy dress. It's amazing and definitely rivals my Victoria Secret bras!

Lace Boyshort (currently on sale!)
Another confession: Thongs are just not my best friend anymore. So I rely on these gorgeous lace boyshorts for sexiness. These boyshorts are probably the prettiest underwear I own. Seriously. For real. You'd think that all that lace would be a little itchy and super uncomfortable, especially when you're constantly bending over and picking up your child but surprisingly they last the whole day without much adjustment. They're surprisingly soft as well and just a little of your cheek is out. They're me-approved as well as fiance-approved ;) These come in a bunch of colors and are currently on sale (originally $27 - on sale for $22!)

Overall: Me likey! I'm one of those girls that loves pretty lingerie but hates being uncomfortable. ThirdLove's bras and boyshorts are the perfect blend of softness and sexiness.

ThirdLoveShop - (Price: $59 & $22)
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