Monday, March 2, 2015
Awwwwyus. I'm back again with some more super gorge shadows from probably one of my most favorite companies ever - ColourPop. The day they announced they were making more mattes, I nearly fainted from excitement. Combine my love of ColourPop with my love of a nice, matte finish and the end result is enough to make me go woozy in the knees.

I think my favorite thing about all of these shadows - and really all of ColourPop's shadows whether they're shimmer, satin, whatever - is the unique formula. All of ColourPop's eyeshadows are an almost cream-like, pressed powder. They kind of feel wet to the touch but aren't really? I don't know. I leave the folks at CP to figure out the physics of it (pigment mixed with unicorn tears?).

  • Cop-A-Feel | a cool-toned creamy beige. It's somewhat comparable to MAC Painterly but feels a little lighter when applying and not as opaque on the lid. It's still a great base for another eyeshadow but can also chill by itself for a nice natural look. 
  • Girl Crush | a mid-tone true grey. This shade pulls slightly almost lavender-grey on my skintone. Definitely one of my favorite shades from the mattes that CP offers. I also have to note that the pigmentation was on point without having to layer to build it up.
  • Doe-A-Deer | a blackened violet. I love this shade for a few reasons. For one, the pigmentation is so on point. Secondly, it blends like a badass. I popped just a little in the outer v and it just blended out like butter. Ugh. So pretty.
  • Bill | a muted plum beige. When I first bought these, I thought Girl Crush and Bill were basically the same shade. In the containers, they look similar. Even though this is described as a plum-beige, I would describe it as more of a pinky-beige. Super pretty, smooth and blendable.
  • Effect | a blackened teal. I love a good forest green. They're kind of hard to come by and are usually chalky. This shade is anything but! Silky smooth, pigmented and blends like whoa (do people still say that?)
  • Hanky Panky | a soft, cool-toned taupe. My new favorite crease shadow. It seems a little warmer toned on my skin but I have a hunch it ones of those shades that changes color with different skin tones. Pigmentation and blendability are on point! 
* I recommend applying these eyeshadows with your finger or a flat shader brush for the best results.

Cop-A-Feel as a base and in the inner corner. Bill in the middle of the lid. Girl Crush in the outer v as well as Doe-A-Deer to deepen it. Hanky Panky in the crease. Effect on the bottom as well as Doe-A-Deer blended out.

ColourPop || Shop - $5 each