Friday, May 8, 2015
Hey gorgeous boobahlahs! Ok, so I have to admit, every single time I look at these pictures, I feel all warm inside because they're so fun. Yeah, I'm a little weird. Since this post has been sitting in my drafts (waiting for good natural light for perfect lip swatches takes fo' ever!), ColourPop has come out with a summer line - le drool! Until I save up and grab those, let's check out these swatches and a review of the lippie stix from their Spring 2015 "Pastel Punch" line!

(L-R: Tootsi, Westie, Monkey, Pepper, Fern & Julep)
  • Tootsi (matte) - a cool toned greige. I think it's safe to say this shade has taken the beauty world by storm. Tootsi has a bit more pink-undertones so it's easier to wear than others out there right now without making you look like a corpse. Very 90's grunge and very unlike your typical "spring shades" but I love it. Just about every skintone can rock this. Formula was very smooth and creamy but with a matte finish.
  • Westie (matte) - a soft dusty pink. Guys. I'm so, so happy with this lippie. I've been on the look for the most perfect pink for a pale skintone and I think I've finally found it! Westie is a beautiful pink that goes on creamy and even and has a matte finish. 
  • Monkey (hyper glossy) - a mid-tone bright bubblegum pink. The first thing that popped into my mind when I tried this on was that it was a dupe for Anastasia's Beverly Hills "Milkshake" Matte Lipstick except in a hyper-glossy finish, of course. Unfortunately, I don't own Milkshake so I can't be for sure but comparing swatches makes me think they might be a match - color wise. I love the hyper-glossy formula because it goes on creamy like the rest of the lippie stix but has such a gorgeous high shine without it being annoying and sticky.
  • Pepper (matte) - a pastel pinky lilac. Swoon! Need I say more? Super creamy, super pigmented and opaque. Another color that would look pretty amaze on just about anyone!
  • Fern (cream) - a cool toned violet. Okay. So I'm not sure how to explain the "cream" formula. It's almost a semi-glossy finish (?) and goes on oh, so creamy and smooth. After about an hour or two of wear, it started to gather in my lip lines but wasn't too noticeable. I recommend applying, blotting and then applying again for a longer wear time.
  • Julep (cream) - a bright red coral. HAI. FAVE SHADE! Oh my goodness! I'm so into bright corals right now and this is perfection. Same "cream" formula as Fern. I did run into the same issue with wear time but again with the blotting trick, I feel like it'll prolong the wear time.
Which is your fave?

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