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ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks | Vice, Midi, Trap, Shimmy & 1st Base - Swatches + Review

Hey little mamas (and papas)! It has been a super cray cray week here and it's just begun. Hunter has hand, foot and mouth and a huge case of the "all I want is my mommy" (rightfully so) so needless to say I've been cashing in on the snuggles because they won't last long. Heavy sobs. 

Anyway. This post is alllll about the "nude" lipsticks from the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks line. I've been testing these babies for quite a few weeks now. I really wanted to give you guys a full, honest review so you know exactly what you're buying come their next restock in August they're available NOW

Let's get into the nitty gritty of the formula which I know has a lot of people on the fence. These are ultra matte liquid lipsticks, ladies and gents. Emphasis on ultra matte. I don't know of any liquid matte that doesn't settle or somewhat dry your lips out after a while. I do feel like it performs on the same field as some of the best liquid matte lipsticks out there - but WAY cheaper. 

That being said, ColourPop DOES have a uniqueness to this formula. When applied, it goes on like nothing and is really light and cushion-y. For the first few hours, it feels like absolutely nothing is on your lips. Then, getting into the five hour range, they do feel a little dry (the dryness ranges from uncomfy to meh depending on the shade) and sometimes crumbly. I also wanted to note that this lipstick contains 0.11oz of product for $6 compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Stila that contain the same amount for $18+.

Onto the "nudes" of the collection! 

  • Vice - a pale, warm nude. FINALLY. It's light but it's the perfect nude for my pale boobalas. I love, love, love this shade. It has just the right warmth to it so it doesn't give you what I lovingly like to call "corpse lips" but also doesn't pull orange. It's just perfect for my pale mamas and papas. Coordinating lip pencil: Skimpy.
  • Midi - a soft, neutral beige. Probably one of my top favorites of this whole entire collection. It's like my lips but better. I wore this to a wedding last weekend, it stayed put through drinking, eating and partying the night away. Who am I kidding? I sat at our table and people-watched the whole night ;) Coordinating lip pencil: Skimpy or BFF2
  • Trap - a dusty greige. I feel like this shade is usually really hard to wear. Either it's too brown, too grey and it ends up looking weird. Trap, on the other hand, has the perfect amount of grey/beige/purple that it actually looks flattering on most skintones. High five! Coordinating lip pencil: Tootsi 
  • Shimmy - a pale, pastel baby pink. How perfect is this pink? It's the best ballet slipper pink I've come across. It pulls a little blue-toned which is great because it makes your teeth look white. Win/win all around. Coordinating lip pencil: Westie
  • 1st Base - a true, mid-toned pink. I would describe 1st Base as being slightly warm than just your typical mid-toned pink but it's still absolute perfection. Super smooth and flattering. Coordinating lip pencil: Fetch
ColourPop | Shop ($6)


  1. Those are some wearable lip colors.

    1. They definitely are! Which one is your favorite?

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they!? I find myself wearing them SO often.

  3. Hi there! I absolutely love Trap! I wear it constantly since we transitioned into Fall!
    I want to clarify something though, "Ballet Slipper pink" is the exact color of an actual ballet slipper, which is a very pale, cool toned pink. The shade "1st Base" is warmer and quite darker than ballet slipper pink. Actually "Shimmy" is probably a closer description. If you want to know what it TRULY looks like, look at a ballet slipper and you'll see how very cool toned and pale of a pink it is. I'm mentioning it because you made a very strong association that 1st Base was basically an exact match to ballet slipper pink and it really isn't. When people think of that shade, most think of a pale, cool pink. 1st base is more neutral and darker (totally different). Because it's makeup you're reviewing and accuracy is key, I thought it was worth mentioning. This is meant to be humble and friendly as my intentions are not meant to be critical. Allyson ��

    1. Hi Allyson! Trap is totally awesome :) I think I might be misunderstanding your comment. I agree that Shimmy is more ballet slipper pink than 1st Base which is what my descriptions say. Haha. Did you mean the other way around? :) No worries, love! I like to be as accurate as possible :)

  4. Love your blog, Noelle! We have extremely similar backgrounds... I like your taste!


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