Sunday, October 25, 2015
Hey pumpkins! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great. My fiance came back from his work trip and I've been playing with this new palette all weekend. It's the LORAC Mega Pro Palette 2 - and guys, it's STILL available at Ulta (it's an exclusive) for $59!

The LORAC Mega Pro Palette 2 ($59) is an exclusive to Ulta Beauty but will not be limited edition and is a permanent addition to LORAC at Ulta. This palette was created my celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw and is loaded with 16 shimmer shadows (bottom two rows) and 16 mattes (top two rows). These shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and can be used wet or dry! 

The palette itself this time is a deep navy blue with the name in silver. It's the exact same size at last year's palette (5.7" x 7.7") and includes a large built-in mirror on the top half of the palette.

  • Porcelain - (matte) a off white with a yellow undertone. Very silky and smooth. A smidge on the powdery side but totally workable.
  • Custard(matte) a super pale yellow. Same as Porcelain. So, so buttery to the touch but a teensy bit powdery. Again, not a huge problem at all.
  • Tawny(matte) a medium brown with an almost red undertone. Such a gorgeous color but a smidge on the dry side which caused it to apply a bit sheer. Could probably work better over a primer or base. Love this as a crease shade!
  • Burlap(matte) a medium brown with yellow undertone. Another crease shade fave! Pigmentation was on point and was very buttery to apply.
  • Melon(matte) a light coral. Melon was pretty powdery (as you can see in the swatch) but actually applied better on the lid than swatched on the arm. I must also note that the pigmentation was still great.
  • Tangerine(matte) a soft orange with red undertones. Swoooooooon! One of my favorite shades from the palette. I mean, look at that pigmentation! Buttery soft and easy to apply with little fall out.
  • Saddle(matte) a dark brown. Saddle played nice and wasn't powdery at all. Very soft, easy to apply, little fall out and opaque.
  • Forest(matte) a blackened forest green. What a tough color to photograph but it's so gorgeous in person! Very opaque and pigmented, buttery soft but had some fall out.
  • Bisque - (matte) a light pinky beige. Great color payoff for such a light color (sometimes they fade easier than darker shades). A bit powdery but easy to apply.
  • Lavender - (matte) a light lavender purple. Powdery and needs to be built up to achieve a good level of opacity. 
  • Purple - (matte) a purple with some cool tones. Kind of a bummer for me. While it wasn't powdery, it applied weird and patchy on the arm as well as the lid. 
  • Sorbet - (matte) a light dusty pink. Applied a little sheer but can be built up for a good level of opacity. Soft and buttery to the touch.
  • Goji - (matte) a muted reddish plum. There's something about burgundy/plum shades that just pull at my heartstrings! Gorgeous shade. Applied very nicely, a smidge on the powdery side but absolutely fine to work with. Pigmentation was great!
  • Cabernet - (matte) a dark burgundy with brown undertones. A little on the dry side but applied well. Pigmentation was okay but faded slightly at the five hour mark.
  • Ash - (matte) a dark purple with grey undertones. Ash is a chameleon type of color because it doesn't look very purple in the pan but once applied - oh hello! Ash was a little dry but applied okay. 
  • Black - (matte) a black. It's so hard to find a good, opaque black. This was a good black but I wouldn't say it was the best. A little chalky but it did build up to a nice solid black.

  • Sugar - (frost) a champagne. Hello beautiful! Amazing color pay off with a slightly powdery but totally workable texture.
  • Chiffon - (frost) a pink-toned champagne. Another awesome color pay off with a slightly powdery texture. Again, totally workable.
  • Prosecco - (metallic) a warm (almost rosey) beige. I absolutely love this color! Smooth, buttery texture even though it appears almost "chunky" in the swatches. I think it's just the way it reflects because it was anything but.
  • Soft Plum - (pearl) a soft rosey plum. Unfortunately, this shade just didn't do it for me. Very sheer and had to be built up to even get the less-than-opaque swatch seen above. 
  • Cinnamon - (metallic) a copper. Oh, Cinnamon! Gorgeous pigmentation, smooth application, little fallout.
  • Sandstone - (frost) a medium taupe. Slightly dry but amazing pigmentation nonetheless. Great color pay off and smooth to apply.
  • Gunmetal - (metallic) a dark steel gray. Heart eyes, guys, all the heart eyes. Fabulous texture and color pay off. 
  • Blue Quartz - (frost) a bright blue. Blue Quartz was slightly dry for me but still had great color pay off and applied well.
  • Moonlight - (frost) an off-white. While I wouldn't say opacity was at 100% with the first swipe on the arm, it's definitely buildable. No fallout and felt like butter!
  • Seashell - (frost) a light beige-y yellow. Buttery soft texture and applied fabulous. Great color pay off as well. 
  • Peony - (frost) a light peach. Slightly crumbly but applied very well and had a great color pay off.
  • Dark Sienna - (pearl) a medium chocolate. No words, guys, no words. SO pigmented and applied like butter. 
  • Penny - (metallic) a blackened bronze. Gorgeous color payoff and has a great buttery soft texture.
  • Olivine - (frost) a light gold with olive undertones. I know it sounds like a broken record but again, gorgeous pigmentation and a soft, buttery texture. Slight fall out from the shimmer.
  • Gold Leaf - (frost) a light yellow gold with gold shimmer. Oh Gold Leaf, I had such high hopes for you. Unfortunately, this shade was very crumbly and I could barely apply it to the lid without it getting everywhere. Applying this wet helps a little bit but it sheers out. 
  • Black Ivy - (shimmer?) a deep, blackened green with a subtle micro-shimmer. I didn't expect this to be as pigmented as it was but hot damn, it's awesome! Super opaque, applied very nicely and had little fallout.
 (Lid: Forest | Inner Corner: Tangerine | Lower Lid: Ash | Crease: Sorbet | Brow: Chiffon)

Overall: I am such a huge fan of this palette! It has such a great mix of mattes, metallics, shimmers and everything in between. The two bottom rows of this palette alone should make you want to run out and buy it. That being said, if you already have the first one, you probably don't need this but if you are looking for a fab all-around palette, this is SO it!

LORAC | Buy - $59