Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Hey y'all! I hope you all had an safe and amazing holiday. We spent ours pretty much traveling the whole day but it was lots of fun. Today I have a review of one of my Christmas presents - some of the tarte Tarteist Lip Paints

The Tarteist Lip Paints are supposed to be an ultra-pigmented, matte liquid lipstick. The consistency is supposed to be velvety with a slanted, soft applicator to paint onto your lips precisely.

  • Namaste - a pinky nude. First off, how cute is this name? The consistency was very light and creamy - reminiscent of the NYX Matte Cream Lipsticks - except this never dried or set. Very pigmented and I was able to re-apply and layer without it getting crumbly.
  • TBT - a dusty mauve. Probably my favorite of the bunch! Again, super light and creamy consistency but very pigmented. Went on very smoothly and didn't gather in the lip lines.
  • Lovespell - a bright fuchsia. Consistency was slightly less creamier than Namaste and TBT but more than Hangry. Very pigmented, went on smoothly, didn't gather in my lip lines. 
  • Hangry - a berry. UGH. This is where it started to get messy :( Hangry was SO, so patchy. I couldn't make this work for the life of me. No matter what I did, it just grabbed on anything it could (lip lines, etc.) and kept applying uneven. The consistency was a bit more liquid-y than the others and also transferred onto my teeth. Like, made my teeth pink kind of transfer. Total mess.
  • Frenemy - a burgundy with brown undertones. Frenemy was a bit easier to work with. Slightly patchy but evened out with a few layers. Consistency was creamier than Hangry but looser than the lighter colors. Pigmented and lasted about five hours.
  • Manbun - a dark berry. Manbun was a little difficult to work with like Frenemy. Patchy and slipped into every line on my lips. Creamier consistency than Frenemy though. Didn't apply very even either and no matter how many times I tried to even it out, it just slipped and slid around.
Overall: I honestly don't know if I like these. There. I said it. I love tarte so much but the consistency is all over the place. The lighter colors (Namaste, TBT) were the best to work with - very creamy and smooth, super pigmented and application was even. Hangry and Manbun were the worst to work with - they moved all over the place and applied super patchy.

I think I was expecting a lip paint that you could apply, correct your mistakes and then have it set and not budge or move. Granted, Too Faced never promised that so that was more user-error than anything but I'm still kind of disappointed. They just don't do it for me. 

I do, however, like the fluffy, creamy consistency of the better two (Namaste and TBT) but again, not all the lip paints had that same consistency and I still wish that they would set. They consistency is very reminiscent of the NYX Matte Creams (minus them finishing matte). I also wanted to note that the applicator? Total pain in the butt. I really didn't like the way it applied the product onto my lips. It had a very slight slant to it that made it hard to line and fill in my lips with. I definitely prefer a doe-foot applicator over this one.