Thursday, March 31, 2016
Ladies and gentlemen - without a huge thing about how excited I am for this post (which I totally am and having a hard time hiding!), I give you: the Violet Voss Holy Grail Pro Palette! #obsessed By the way, a little birdie told me (and by birdie, I mean I checked the website) and found out this palette is set to re-launch tomorrow (buyso keep your eyeballs peeled if you're looking to add this to your collection. There's actually a countdown on the link so you can make sure you don't miss it!

The Violet Voss Holy Grail Pro Palette is a limited edition summer palette filled with 20 (1.8 grams each pan) cruelty-free eyeshadows in metal, matte and satin finishes. I think it's pretty obvious this palette is extremely warm-toned but I feel like everyone would find something they'd like in this one.

I really love the palette packaging itself. It's made of a sturdy matte cardboard type of material that has withstanded being near a sink without being ruined so that says a lot in and of itself. The inside top flap has a nice large mirror which is always nice to have when you're traveling around.

  • Crystal (satin) - a light champagne. A super gorgeous highlight shade. I find myself using this a lot. It's very soft and pigmented.
  • Ploof (satin) - a light shimmery pink. Another great highlight shade but with a warm pink tone that fits in perfectly with this palette. Pigmented, smooth and longlasting.
  • Thanks A Latte (matte) - a pale bisque. I really like that they have a nice, neutral shade in this otherwise fun and warm palette. This shade is great for an all-over-the-lid color before applying other shadows as to make transitioning and blending easier as well as a nice color to make a look more wearable. A teensy bit chalky but totally workable.
  • Transition (matte) - a light medium brown. The name says it all! This is a great warm, transition shade that blends like a dream!
  • Hashtag (matte) - an intense 70's orange. Wah-bam! Talk about a nice, pigmented orange! I don't even normally wear orange and I find myself gravitating to this shade all the time. Pigmented, smooth and longlasting.
  • Awesome Sauce (satin) - a bronze-y peach. I feel like the next four shades kind of blend together in the swatches but they're so uniquely different. Awesome Sauce is gorgeous, soft peachy bronze that is so pigmented and easy to work with.
  • Bestie (matte) - a soft brown with peach undertones. I also love this as a transition shade as well. It's not as warm as Transition which is a nice option to have. Pigmented and longlasting.
  • Toffee (metal) - a burnt orange bronze with gold sparkles. Such a lovely shade! Silky smooth to work with and lasted about eight hours.
  • Chill (metal) - a light brown bronze. Swatch-wise, Toffee and Chill kind of look the same, but on the eye, they're totally different. Chill is lighter but still silky smooth, pigmented and blended well.
  • How U Doin (metal) - a burnt rose gold. Nothing like a gorgeous rose gold! I love the finish and find this to be smooth, pigmented and finely milled.

  • Bat My Eyes (metal) - a dark bronze-y brown. What a gorgeous brown! I'm really excited to use this more but so far I've found it to be pigmented, silky smooth and longlasting.
  • Cool Beans (metal) - a metallic mauve that swatches like a bronze. Seriously. I couldn't think of a better description because what it looks like in the pan is completely different than what it looks like in real life. That being said, it's gorgeous, pigmented and smooth to work with.
  • R U Kitten Me (matte) - a medium brown with red undertones. In real life, this shows a little more red undertones but it's stunning nonetheless. Pigmented, smooth and easy to blend.
  • So Jelly (satin) - a pink with slight duochrome. How cute is this name? I wish the swatch showed how duochrome-y this is! It's slightly sheer but can easily be built up with layers or by wetting the brush before applying.
  • On Fleek (metal) - a metallic burnt reddish brown. So gorgeous and the name; I'm dying! Pigmented, smooth and longlasting.
  • Brownie Points (matte) - a dark brown with slight warm undertones. Goodness, there's a lot of browns but heck, is that such a bad thing? I feel like a broken record here but super pigmented and blended like a dream without losing the color.
  • Teddy Bear (matte) - a plummy dark brown. Out of all the browns, this one is my favorite! Silky smooth to work with.
  • Glamping (metal) - a warm reddish brown bronze. Glamping was a tough cookie! It seems to be the only one that sheers out a little once worn throughout the day. 
  • Cranberry Splash (metal) - a warm metallic red.  Such a fun color! I found this shade easy to work with, silky smooth and longlasting.
  • Wine N Dine (matte) - a vibrant fuchsia cranberry mix. Can we talk about this? HI. HELLO. I've never owned a color like this before. It's so incredibly pigmented and easy to work with. I love it.

Overall: I'm pretty impressed that with 20 shades in this palette, there was really only one that I had a tough time with and even then, it was still workable. Each shade was pigmented and easy to work with it. Almost all of them were long lasting and applied like butter. My favorite shades out of this palette were Thanks A Latte, So Jelly, Teddy Bear and Wine N Dine!

all over the lid: Thanks A Latte / inner and outer lid: Teddy Bear / middle: So Jelly / inner corner: Crystal

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