Thursday, May 19, 2016
It's here! It's here! When Violet Voss first teased this baby a few months ago, I knew I had to have it. It's the Violet Voss Drenched Metal Palette - and you can pre-order here! I'm not sure if the code will work this time around but definitely try it out anyway - DM10 for $10 off.

The Drenched Metals Palette is a limited edition palette for summer with 20 different shades of summer-y washes. Each one is 1.8 grams, cruelty-free and come in what seems like two finishes: matte and foils.

The palette itself is just like the Holy Grail palette - a sturdy cardboard-type of palette that flips open to a nice, large mirror on the top. The top also flips all the way back so it could show just the shades. You guys have no idea how much that excites me!

  • Poppin - a shimmery pale champagne. 
  • Kisses - a pale peach shimmer.
  • Confession - a pink-y peach with slight duochrome.
  • Crushed It - a metallic rose gold.
  • Secret - a cool-toned matte beige.
  • I'm So Fancy - a bright shimmery turquoise.
  • Mermaid Vixen - a metallic turquoise with duochrome.
  • Grunge - a cool-toned metallic taupe.
  • Minx - a metallic medium brown.
  • Squad Goals - a shimmery light gold.
  • Frisky - a cobalt blue shimmer.
  • Dark Desires - a purple shimmer.
  • Slaycation - a brown with a green duochrome.
  • Come Thru - a light, cream shimmer.
  • Livin - a metallic copper.
  • Shade - a silver with lavender duochrome.
  • Bliss - a light antique gold metallic.
  • Huntress - a reddish-toned bronze.
  • Forbidden - a burnt brick berry metallic.
  • Midnight Tryst - a matte black.

I was going to review these individually but to be honest, there were only a few that stood out as troublemakers while the rest were pretty pigmented, long-lasting and for the most part, played nice. The two mattes (Secret and Midnight Tryst) were both a little on the dry side. Pigmented, but dry. I was reading about how someone had issues with their shadows being crumbly and while I wouldn't say crumbly per say, I would definitely say to watch out for fall out but I feel like that's natural with shimmers. It's just something that's going to happen. My favorite shades from this palette are Mermaid Vixen, Grunge, Slaycation and Huntress.

Crease: Secret, Inner Corner: Come Thru, Middle: Slaycation, Outer: Mermaid Vixen + Frisky

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