Thursday, June 23, 2016
|| Sent to me from Influenster. #marcglowstick

Just when I thought my highlight couldn't possibly get any brighter, this little baby shows up in my mailbox. First off, Influenster - I love you. I had no clue this was even coming to me to try out from their latest VoxBox. Second of all, have you guys seen swatches of this thing? Sweet, sweet flashy disco balls, it's insane. 

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator ($42) is an illuminator that contains a balanced ratio of pearly gold and silver pigments to work with all skin tones - all in a cute little deodorant-style applicator. 

I'm new to applying a highlighter like this but I don't hate it. All you do is scroll the dial on the bottom to roll up the illuminator, just like you would your deodorant and apply. The first time I applied it to my cheekbones, I literally could've flagged down an airplane; that's how bright it was. I like my highlight to pop but not blind people. I have since than applied with a little hand or just blended it out with my BeautyBlender and that's definitely been more wearable for me. But hey, if you like your highlight to stop traffic, you do you boo!

The finish of this illuminator is really special. I love it. Like, a lot. It's a cream illuminator but it undergoes a special process in the lab so that it never feels wet or sticky on the skin. I'm pretty sure this has knocked my favorite highlighter out of its number one spot for a while. I would say it's basically the love child of having your highlight on fleek mixed with that fun, fresh dewy look. It's amazing!

Before / After
(Excuse the color change! My lighting comes next week and I can't wait to not rely on natural lighting!)

Overall: The price is steep but if you're a highlighter freak like me, this is one you need. I really love that it's universal and looks fab on all skin tones. The only issue is that I have no clue how long this illuminator lasts as it's a cream in a roll-up style applicator but judging by the pigmentation of a light swipe (it's insane!), I can imagine it's going to last a while.

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* Sent to me from Influenster.