Thursday, June 16, 2016
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Laundry - whether we like doing it or not, it's something all of us have to do. As a mom, the only half of my fiance and I as a couple that actually knows how to do laundry and someone that strangely finds comfort in doing it, you'd be surprised to learn that I've never used a fabric conditioner before! 

I oddly pride myself on getting a tight fold on my towels and getting those stubborn stains out that only a toddler could get in (did you know yogurt STAINS?!) but one thing that I could never control was wrinkles. And guys, I hate wrinkles!

Cue: Downy Ultra April Fabric Liquid Conditioner! This liquid fabric conditioner softens your clothes all the while protecting them against any damage that may stretch, frizz or fade your laundry.

As someone who was new to adding fabric conditioner to their laundry load, I didn't really know what to expect but I no sooner found that a fabric conditioner is really no different than your hair conditioner! Both keep the frizz (or wrinkles) away, both leave your hair and clothes feeling smooth and vibrant but all the while still protect them while leaving behind delicious softness!

After changing my laundry routine by adding a fabric conditioner into it, I noticed a lot of differences right after the first use. Not only was my laundry way softer than I thought it could ever be but even after continued use over the past few weeks, it has left my laundry looking more vibrant rather than dingy like some conditioners can leave clothes. I've also noticed that with the added conditioner, my clothes haven't been doing the old shrinking act that they sometimes love to do - especially to my favorites - and there have been little to no wrinkles!

This Ultra Downy April Fresh Fabric Conditioner has seven amazing benefits:

  • Less static
  • Less wrinkles
  • Less pills and frizz
  • Less color fade
  • Less stretching
  • Keeps clothes looking vibrant
  • Leaves clothes feeling so soft
Check out my quick video review below to see how I used the Downy April Fresh Fabric Conditioner to #ProtectTheClothesILove:

What do you use to get your clothes nice and soft?
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// This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks/P&G.