Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Is it me or is it seriously hard to find cute boy clothes (and hats and shoes and....)? I noticed this when I was shopping for Hunter but now I'm really seeing it as I shop for baby boy #2! The selection for girls is almost overwhelming compared to the boys.

Just the other day, I was in TJ Maxx with my mom, looking for cute clothes for the boys and was SO disappointed to find about five full racks of gorgeous baby girl clothes (not to mention the fab selection of accessories!) and then only one (YES ONE!) rack of boys clothes and a 'meh' selection of accessories.

I know, I know. It's like that in a lot of clothing stores. I'm sure it's because "guys don't really care what they wear like women do" and maybe there's truth in that, but hey, until that time where they can dress and decide for themselves, load this mama up with cute clothes for her boys! 

I've come up with some of my favorite places to find cute boy clothes, accessories and more to help any mama out there looking! If you have any great boy shops, stores, etc. that you'd like to share, leave them in the comments! I'd love to check them out.

  • Carter's -  My mom jokes with me that when I was pregnant with Hunter, I cornered the market with Carter's. I used to refresh the website constantly to see what was new. This time around, I'm double-obsessed with Carter's as well as it's sister (but slightly more expensive) company Osh Kosh B'Gosh but don't let that defer you. Both are constantly having sales so you rarely ever pay full price. I also have to note that the quality from both stores is pretty amazing and their boy selections are adorable! They offer a lot of "outfit" options (like the above pictures) so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck while most other stores only do separates. Carter's also has a pretty fab reward program where every dollar you spend equals a point. When you hit 75 points, you get $10 off and so on. Right now, if you sign up online, you get 20% off your next order of $40 or more! 

  • Old Navy - This post couldn't have come at a better time because my mom and I just left Old Navy with a huge bag full of clothes for the boys from their huge 4th of July sale! I do want to note that (at least with my local stores), the selection of boy clothes is sometimes better online than it is in stores. About 75% of the time, my store looks picked over but we totally hit the jackpot, so go figure! Baby Gap is Old Navy's sister store and also has great deals and cute boy clothes BUT they're a little more expensive. Old Navy has outfit selections as well as separates!

  • H&M - One of my favorite stores to shop at! Not only are they easy on the wallet but they offer super cute Mickey Mouse, Batman, etc. type of clothes (which Hunter loves!) as well as trendy clothes (moto pants, wide brim baseball hats, high top sneakers, etc.) I always know I'll be walking out with some really cute boy clothes. The only issue I have with H&M is that if you see something once, you better grab it because it probably won't be there the next time you go back! They're constantly adding different stock into the mix. Also, a lot sells out quickly. I once went back for a cute pair of white high top sneakers (think Slater from Saved By The Bell) and bought them in a size too small for Hunter. I went back only to never find them again! Whomp whomp!

  • Zara Kids - I've never personally shopped here (I think the closest actual store is about an hour away) but I constantly check the site for their cute boy clothes. I've heard amazing things about buying from the site and I drool over how fun the little trousers are that they for little boys. One thing I have noticed (and am now seeing a trend) is that they sell out SO quickly so if you see something you like, just get it. Call me your enabler!

  • Freshly Picked - Okay, okay. So these moccasins might not be super affordable as they go for about $60 each but keep in mind that most "first" shoes (walking shoes) are around this price. A lot of podiatrists actually recommend a soft-soled shoe as a baby's first as it allows they're foot to bend as naturally as possible making it easier for them to learn to walk. Freshly Picked is my recommendation for an amazing moccasin as they are beautifully-made, come in super presh prints and last for a longgggg time.
If you're looking for pre-owned clothes:
  • Once Upon A Child - This place is my guilty pleasure. There's nothing better than walking out with a huge bag of clothes for the boys without breaking $100. They have an amazing selection of lightly loved clothes, toys, shoes, accessories, strollers, etc. for cheap. Heck, a lot of the clothes still have tags on them! My favorite steal was a brand new, still in the box MamaRoo for $75 there a few years ago! 
  • Kidizen - Thank goodness they came out with an update that my phone won't take unless I update (LOL silly phone) because this app is SO dangerous. This app offers pre-owned clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Basically, you can search whatever you're looking for and if it's available, it'll pop up and you can buy it. I saw Nike Roshe toddler sneakers for $14 shipped on there that looked like they were brand spankin' new! 
What are your favorite stores to shop at for boy clothes?