Monday, August 1, 2016
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Hey guys! So what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn't pick up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette?! I feel like this is one of the most coveted palettes of this summer as it has a fun mix of warm shades that are always especially loved on in the warmer weather.

Instead of just ordering this straight from the site, I decided to try something different and check out Octer - a site and app that makes online shopping easy-peasy by allowing the customer to buy everything in one spot. They have everything from beauty to clothing to home decor and in between. My favorite feature of this site is that you can either search for a certain product, click on a general category to go browsing or pick your favorite store from the site to check out.

Once you find what you're looking for, you can click on the link which will bring you directly to the site to buy the product from or you can click on the picture which will bring you to a different page on Octer that compares prices, similar products, etc. which is really great when you're looking for the best price or a better option. Basically, when you shop on Octer, you are using their affiliate links to shop through them.

  • Tempera - a velvety beige matte.
  • Golden Ochre - an earthy yellow matte.
  • Vermeer - an iridescent shell metallic.
  • Buon Fresco - an antique lavender matte.
  • Antique Bronze - a metallic sable satin.
  • Love Letter - a matte raspberry.
  • Cyprus Umber - a matte dark coffee.
  • Raw Sienna - a matte neutral amber.
  • Burnt Orange - a deep orange matte.
  • Primavera - a shimmery gold dust metallic.
  • Red Ochre - a matte sienna.
  • Venetian Red - a matte crimson. 
  • Warm Taupe - an earthy grey matte.
  • Realgar - a matte brick.
Also wearing: Urban Decay One & Done Skin Perfector (Light), Benefit Hoola Bronzer + Coralista Blush, ColourPop Are & Be

Let me just start by saying that Anastasia Beverly Hills has never provided me with product, nor have we ever been in contact, guys. So when I say how much I love this palette, it really comes from the heart. One of the main reasons I started a blog was to let my readers know exactly what was worth the price tag and what wasn't. Honesty is the best policy, right?

That all being said, this palette is absolutely amazing! I completely understand the hype of it and highly recommend it. I was going to go through each shadow and review them separately but honestly, I don't even need to. Each one was incredibly buttery soft and pigmented. Even the red matte shades which have been hard for me to find ones that aren't streaky and dry, are soft and super pigmented. There is some fall out (especially with Cyprus Umber) but I wouldn't let that defer you at all because it was pretty minimal but worth noting.

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