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EltaMD Barrier Renewal Complex, Moisture-Rich BodyCreme &FacialSunscreen + Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Starter Set | Review + Giveaway!

Hey Sunday, babes! Today I'm sharing with you some skincare products I've been testing out for about two months now from the site is a dermatologist-owned and operated site that has spa/professional-quality beauty products at affordable prices. What really sets them apart, is that their CEO/founder Dr. Schlessinger is super involved with the site and even responds to customer's e-mails. Let's be real, that's not the norm nowadays! Stay tuned to the bottom of the review for a giveaway!

  • EltaMD Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 Facial Sunscreen ($32) - Sunscreen! It's something we all should be using - even in the cooler weather that's slowly approaching. This clear sunscreen is super lightweight, offers an SPF of 46 and is non-comedogenic which means that it doesn't contain anything that will clog your pores, irritate your skin, etc. I normally don't wear sunscreen daily (for shame!) but I actually really liked this. I wore this underneath my makeup with no absolutely no issues. This sunscreen even claims that it calms blemishes and discoloration but I didn't really see any difference.
  • EltaMD Moisture-Rich Body Creme ($25) - This mama needs all the hydration she can get! This body creme is loaded with mango seed butter, plant-based lipids and hyaluronic acid to moisturize. It also contains niacinamide and enzymes to bring life back to dry or flaky skin. This product I was most excited to try out because as the seasons change and my hormones are calming back down after giving birth, my skin has seen better days. It's been dry and bumpy and a total mess. I usually use this creme after hopping out of the shower and/or right before bed to really let everything soak in. I've noticed a huge difference, almost immediately after use, every time. I really like using this on my legs and arms!
  • EltaMD Barrier Renewal Complex Ceramide and Enzyme Treatment ($45) - If I were to recommend the best product of this bunch, this would be it! If you're looking for immediate results to firm, plump, moisturized skin, buy this right meow! This formula contains a mix of ceramides and other essential lipids to minimize the appearance of pores, wrinkles, etc. This product singlehandedly revived my skin overnight!   
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Starter Set - Anyone else just get nervous around the word "peel"? No need to with this set! The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Starter Set comes with a peel for each day of the week so you can figure out which one is right for you including two Ultra Gentle Daily Peels, two Extra Strength Daily Peels, two Universal Daily Peels and one Medi-Spa Weekly Peel. If you're new to using peels (which I totally was!) the inside of the packaging flips up to let you know which peel to use on what day for the best results. My favorite peels were the Ultra Gentles (ideal for newbs like me or those with sensitive skin) and the Universal Daily Peel (caters to those with normal skin looking for anti-aging benefits).
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  1. I'm excited to try the Alpha Beta Peel Starter Set.

    (Rosie A)

  2. I've heard great things about the eltaMD sunscreen


  4. I would love to try the Alpha Beta Peel Set.

  5. The EltaMD sounds like just what I need!

  6. I'm dying to try the EltaMD Barrier Renewal Complex Ceramide and Enzyme Treatment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. ALL of the peels! I have had cystic acne since my youngest was born and I have scars everywhere! I would love to lighten and diminish them.

  8. I'm excited to try the ELTAMD MOISTURE-RICH BODY CREME. I need it now! :)

  9. Hello there,

    I would totally love to get the DR. DENNIS GROSS ALPHA BETA PEEL STARTER SET. I love trying new things and there is a bunch of different peels in this box. Really cool! Plus , i love love love peels nd masks :-D

    Thank youGood luck everyone :-D

  10. Definitely the renewal complex!! My skin is so dry and I have rather large pores!

  11. We use so much sunscreen living in South Florida that I'd love to try the ELTAMD BROAD-SPECTRUM SPF 46 FACIAL SUNSCREEN.


  13. I would love to try them all. To try first I would say the ceramide & enzyme treatment because I need pore size reduced however I have extra oily skin and am afraid the moisturizing properties would be too much for my skin. Therefore I would initially want to try the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Peel Starter Set and as oily as my face is the rest of my body, especially my legs, would love the body creme.

  14. I would love to try the Alpha-Beta Peel Starter Set


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