Saturday, October 1, 2016
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Let's talk affordable hair care, shall we? Last week, I shared a great mid-range priced shampoo/conditioner set but if you're looking for something more affordable and more accessible, I have a great set for you!

I'm talking about the all-new Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo and Conditioner! Something that'll make my hair stronger AND healthier? Yes please! It couldn't have come at a better time as my hair is at its absolute thinnest right now since giving birth (thanks, hormones!). The Garnier Fructis Grow contains active fruit concentrate and ceramide to strengthen your hair as it grows which is just what this mama needs!

I've talked about this before but as usual, I used the conditioner first, just on my ends and let it soak in and then washed it out. Then I went in with the shampoo, which lathers really nicely, and let that sit while I did other things and then washed it out. The first thing I noticed was my hair felt squeaky clean instead of that weird filmy, smooth feeling that some shampoos give. You know the feeling. The one where you just know when your hair dries it's going to be SO oily. Not the case with these!

Since using this, I've noticed my hair has felt healthier and the breakage on my hair has slightly lessened. Not huge changes but enough for me to be like, "Oh hey. I didn't lose half my hair down the drain today." I've been a huge fan of Garnier for a long time now so I kind of figured I'd be a fan of this. And, because you guys know I'm obsessed with yummy-smelling things, this fruity-scented set (maybe watermelon?) totally passes the scent test! 

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