Thursday, November 10, 2016
Sheesh. I just got these and I'm already a season behind! ColourPop is releasing their winter collection today and it is simply stunning. But if you're looking to add onto that huge shopping order already, these should totally go in it! They first introduced their fall edits last month and it was definitely the lip colors in gorgeous shades of plums, terracottas and dusty roses that were calling my name. Needless to say, I was so happy to see they bundled them in these mini edits for $15 each. Come to mama, right? Let's check them out! PS. The sleeves they came in are too cute!

Can You Knot | The Plums

  • Hutch - a satin deep blackened violet.
  • Notion - a rich red violet matte.
  • Sookie - a rich plum creme gloss. 
If you are looking for just one bundle to buy, this is definitely the one! I'm a total sucker for the dark lips in the winter and this has three gorgeous ones to choose from. In the above picture, they almost look exactly alike but they are definitely different as one is a satin, one's a gloss and one's a matte. Notion has a very liquid-y consistency - more so than any other matte I've had - but it's also not as drying at the other mattes I've tried from ColourPop. Sookie is a stunning, semi-opaque creme gloss that isn't too sticky. Hutch is my jam! I'm just totally obsessed with the satins and this one doesn't disappoint! 

Out and About | The Roses

  • Barracuda - a satin warm deepened rose.
  • Times Square - a muted pink beige matte.
  • Viper - a matte true dusty rose.
Barracuda is the perfect rose for my fair complexion! It doesn't pull too orange or too dark but it's still on the warm side. It's just right! Times Square is a fabulous nude but pulls slightly orange on me. A lot of nudes do. Viper is so gorgeous and is basically Barracuda's cooler sister. Love it!

Up and Away | The Terracottas

  • Mama - a true burnt orange matte.
  • Calypso - a mid-tone pinky nude satin.
  • Love Bug - a rich terracotta matte.
I had already read reviews about Mama and Love Bug being pains-in-the-butts and were super dry and flakey but some had said that they recently changed their formula so that they weren't that bad. Mine were bad, guys. Love Bug was SO flakey and just horrible. Mama was better in consistency but equally dry. Calypso was fabulous but I honestly haven't had an issue with the satins yet.

L-R: Mama, Calypso, Love Bug, Notion, Hutch, Sookie, Times Square, Viper and Barracuda

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