Wednesday, November 9, 2016
As a beauty blogger, there's nothing cooler than when technology and beauty mix to create something pretty killer and revolutionary - and getting to be one of the first to try it out!

Today, I'll be sharing with you the HiMirror, a state-of-the-art mirror with a built-in camera that analyzes your skin and in return gives you a customized skincare plan to address those issues, created by leading dermatologists. From wrinkles and red spots to pores and just about every skin issue between, HiMirror offers you a sixty-day skincare plan in five different categories according to their Skin Index Synthesis: clarity, texture, firmness, brightness and healthiness and lets you can record a picture daily to track your progress. On top of that, it can connect with the Smart Body Scale (sold separately) to track your weight and BMI, stream music, give you the local weather (with humidity levels!) and let you scan your skincare products with the Beauty Box feature by barcode to keep track of all your skincare products.

PHEW! Now that you've got the gist of it, let's talk setting it up! HiMirror recommends hanging it on a clean, dust-free surface. 

How to mount your mirror up:

To mount the mirror on a mirror:
  • Remove the backing from the adhesive tape on the cardboard assistor that comes with the mirror and attach the large rectangle of the bracket by aligning the mark.
  • Make sure the line of the cardboard assistor is at eye level and then stick to the wall/mirror.
  • Remove the remaining backing and press firmly. Allow at least 24 hours to let the adhesive stick nicely before mounting the mirror.
To mount the mirror on the wall:
  • Remove the backing strip and stick the cardboard assistor that comes with the mirror and attach the large rectangle of the bracket.
  • Make sure the line of the cardboard assistor is at eye level and screw the bracket into the wall.
  • Remove the assistor and you're good to go!
Once the mirror is mounted, turn the mirror on and connect the HiMirror to your wifi. To do that, download the HiMirror app (available on Androids and iPhones) and connect to the HiMirror's wifi. Once you go through setting your profile up and learning the motions, you'll take your first picture to be analyzed. Once you've done that, the results will automatically be available on your phone through the app as well as on the mirror. Even if there's no wifi or low wifi, you can still use the HiMirror for skin analysis. Once the connection is back, it'll be saved to your profile!

Here's my first skin analysis!

Naturally, my fiance was super interested in this and wanted to check out what the HiMirror thought about his skin. Good news: you can add up to four different profiles on the HiMirror to record their progress as well!

The Mirror:

The HiMirror itself is a sturdy five pounds. It has quite a few safety and privacy features including "shutters" for the camera on top of the mirror that you can open or close for privacy and whatnot. It also has data protection as well as facial recognition so only you can "open" your profile. Other features include voice commands and sensors that recognize your hands to navigate around. The mirror also lets you know the time, weather conditions and lets you stream music from Spotify. The mirror has seven categories to chose from: HiSkin, My Routine, Skincare, Body & Fitness (to be used with the Smart Body Scale), My Beauty Box, Media Center and Settings that you can navigate through hand gestures or voice command.

Smart Body Scale - Once connected to your HiMirror, the Smart Body Scale provides a body analysis by analyzing your body type and lets you know your weight, body fat percentage, BMI, BMR, total body water, muscle mass and bone weight.

The App:

HiMirror - the OG app and the one you will need to have to connect to the others and the mirror itself. It's super easy to use and sends all of your results right to your fingertips! Once you've downloaded the app, connect it to the HiMirror using its own wifi. On the app, you can access your skin analysis, goals, any changes, skin symptoms, your skincare process, the Beauty Box and more!

The Beauty Box is my favorite feature (on both the app and the mirror)! It allows you to scan the barcode of your skincare products to keep track of them and their effectiveness. Currently, there's not a whole lot of products the barcode recognizes but you can enter those in manually. Basically, this app is there to check up on your current measurements on-the-go!

My thoughts:

So, I have to admit the whole idea of the HiMirror is pretty awesome but there are a few issues that you have to get used to when using it/things that need to be worked out.

  • Voice Commands / Hand Gestures - In a world where just about everything is touchscreen, this is not (I'm going to go with because duh, it's a mirror and mirror + fingerprints = no bueno) so that's where the hand gestures/voice commands come in. A simple hand movement up, brings you up. Down will bring you down. To the right will accept and left will go back. They recently rolled out their voice commands but I haven't be able to work with them much.
  • Finding Things - Once I received my skin analysis, I had no idea where to go to next. Was a custom routine supposed to just pop up after? Eventually, I figured out that I had to get out of that screen and pick my own routine (selecting one from the Skin Index Synthesis) and then went from there. It's just a lot of figuring things out and I'm sure once it's more streamlined and works out all the bugs, it'll be easier to navigate around.
  • Losing Connection - My HiMirror lost connection to my wifi, following an update. Thankfully, they're sending a fix soon. There's a silver lining to this because I got to see their customer service side and it is FABULOUS. They're constantly working on making things right and sending out updates to fix bugs. I'm super impressed!
Overall: I really like the HiMirror but I think it's in the beginning stages and will just keep getting better and better as more and more things get worked out. Right now, it's just a little tough to navigate but I think once the kinks are smoothed out, it'll be great! I appreciate that the HiMirror is connected to an app on my phone as I'm always on-the-go and like to check up on things. 

What's your favorite feature on the HiMirror? Is this something you would buy?

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