Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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I'm really excited to bring in a little home decor to the lifestyle side of the blog this year and decided what better way to debut that then to share with you some inspiration that I've been using for our current project: the bathroom.

Our bathroom needs some updating. And by some, I mean basically the whole thing needs to be gutted. Okay. I kid, I kid. Kind of? It has a humongous vanity that has weird cabinets in it, the walls aren't painted and the shower needs some sprucing.  It's just not really my style and did I mention the walls are super weird? Below, I'm sharing my most drooled over pictures of rustic inspiration and what we're planning on doing to the bathroom.

Ceramic wood tile floors.  I've always loved the look of ceramic wood tile floors - just not the price. On a total whim, we found some gorgeous wood tile flooring on sale and quickly bought a ton of boxes to re-do the bathroom. Thankfully, my dad knows how to cut tile and install so it's just a matter of getting some time with him to do it.

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Tile in the shower. To save money, we'll be saving the shower insert and will add tile to it to freshen it up. I'm a big fan of a simple subway tile more than intricate kind of like this marble tile from!

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New wooden vanity with double sinks. Right now, our vanity is just strangely big. It's awesome having a million cabinets for towels and whatnot but let's face it, that thing is not so pretty on the eyes. I'm looking to get rid of the whole thing and have my fiance make a new, more simple vanity with double sinks. I've had my eye on these Duravit 2nd floor sinks! How gorgeous are they? And even though we don't have a tub in our main bathroom, I couldn't help but drool over these wall mounted bath faucets. They're so sleek!

(Photo credit to: The Pink Tumbleweed / HGTV)

Channel my inner Joanna Gaines. Oh yeah, guys. We're shiplapping an accent wall! Granted, I wanted to do the whole bathroom in white shiplap but decided to compromise with just one wall as we'll be selling our house soon and figure that there might be people who aren't fans (and clearly, not a friend of mine!).

I can't wait to get started on this project! Now, I just need to get my fiance and dad on board. For hardware, shower heads, light and more, I'll be checking out - the architectual bath and tile specialists!

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