Monday, February 13, 2017
It's a snow day here in Connecticut! One babe is napping and the other is enjoying the snow outside so I decided to take full advantage of it and get to bloggin'. I've literally had this review sitting in my drafts since a few days after Christmas. I am sa-lackin'.

On the blog today, I'm sharing a full review and lip swatches on the ColourPop Moment of Weekness Collection! This collection includes seven matte liquid lipsticks - one for every day of the week - in their brand new matte formula which is supposed to be more comfortable and less drying.

  • Sunday - a soft terracotta.
  • Monday - a warm peachy beige.
  • Tuesday - a bright coral red.
  • Wednesday - a vibrant hot pink.
  • Thursday - a brilliant red violet.
  • Friday - a true black.
  • Saturday - a saturated blackberry.

Overall: For $5 a pop, this a great deal as you're essentially getting each a dollar cheaper if you were to buy them as a single. I was worried I wasn't going to notice this "new and improved" formula everyone was talking about with these but I'm happy to say I did. Previously, the mattes dried down very fast (too fast) and were pretty uncomfortable, settling into lines and flaking off. I'm happy to find that these seven were very comfortable and dried a little bit slower so you were able to go back in to fix any lines. I didn't notice any flaking. The only one I had an issue with, as you can see above, was Saturday, which was kind of streaky. I'm pretty sure if I went back over it, I could've evened it out but I did want to show that I did experience streakiness upon the first application. My absolute favorites are: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday (that black!).

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