Monday, March 13, 2017
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Last night, I was getting ready for a friend's birthday party. As I looked into the mirror, with a baby on my hip and another at my feet trying to bronze himself, I realized a few things:
  • A. That bronzer is way too dark for Hunter.
  • B. My hair needs a little help - and fast! 
After I color matched my son to a bronzer shade that better suited him (I kid, I kid!), I decided this beauty bloggin' mama was treating herself to a new hair makeover. I wanted something trendy but still low maintenance because, well, I'm a mom but I also like to keep it fresh (wait - people still say that, right?). To Pinterest I went, looking for ideas and settled on something low maintenance, trendy and - dare I say? - something I could achieve without leaving the luxury of my own home. I decided on babylights!

What are babylights? They are those delicate, natural-looking highlight that mimics the natural highlights of a child's hair. Kid's always have the best natural highlights, am I right? Lucky ducks. In the below tutorial, I'll show you how to get easy-peasy babylights and spruce up your hair - just in time for spring!

How To: Easy Babylights Hair Tutorial

  • To get started, head on over to your local Walmart and pick up a Schwarzkopf Color Ultime hair color in about two shades lighter than your current color in the hair care aisle. I picked up the gorgeous shade 4.6 Macadamia Brown which is a light brunette shade. Schwarzkopf has beautiful, vibrant choices to choose from with "true to box" results - all to use in the ease of your own home!
  • Next, make sure your hair is unwashed and doesn't have any product in it. If you try to dye your hair with product in it, it can leave the results streaky and no one wants that!
  • If you've never used this hair dye, go ahead and try a test patch first. This ensures that a.) you'll like the results and b.) that you're not allergic.
  • Next, cover your clothes either with an old sweatshirt or a cape so you don't get any dye on your normal clothes. Trust me, it doesn't come out easily!
  • Next, take the color cream, add it into the developer bottle and shake until it's evenly mixed together. Then put on gloves (yes, you should definitely put these on!) because we're about to get hands on!
  • Take the top half of your hair and clip it away from the bottom. Split the bottom half into two sections, one on each side.

  • Here's where the babylight part comes in: take small, tiny sections of hair and start to apply the product at the bottom and work your way up. I squirted a quarter sized amount of product onto my thumb and pointer finger and slid the product up and down the section, leaving about four inches of root untouched. 

  • To seamlessly blend the product into that area, I take any leftover product and, rubbing upwards (almost against the hair), I blend the little amount of product in.
  • The beauty of this, is that you can't really mess it up. Keep going around the bottom half of your head, taking very small hair sections and repeating the above steps, scattering highlights all around.
  • Once you get to the top half, you're going to repeat the same steps. Make sure to create a few extra highlights around your face but again, there's no rhyme or reason on how many highlights you do. Just make to keep them in tiny sections, about four inches away from the root and make sure to use the most product at the bottom of your sections and then lightly blend upward with the least amount of product to blend in the top part.
  • Once you're satisfied with the amount of babylights, wait about 30 minutes and then wash out.
  • Make sure to use the Intensive Care Elixir once you wash the color out. Not only does it smell amazing but it contains pearl essence mixed with rich omega oil to leave your hair so, unbelievably soft. I wish I could this as my condition every single day!
  • Wash out and style as normal!

Would you try this trend at home? How often do you dye your hair?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #APassionForHair #CollectiveBias