Friday, August 18, 2017
*Keenz so kindly sent me this to review on the blog.

A few weekends ago, we had the most beautiful weather with some cooler nights and it got me so, so excited for the fall. I don't know about you guys but we love bringing the kids to all the pumpkin festivals and fairs that come around in the fall but dread having to drag around the double stroller. A lot of the festivals in fields and navigating that in a stroller is super tough. It's a battle y'all. But not this year.


I'm talking about the Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon - and it's live-changing, ya'll.

The Keenz S7 Stroller Wagon ($359) is everything a parent could ever want in a wagon for their children - and more. Not only does it look like the Cadillac of strollers and wagons but with all it's features and accessories, its bark backs up its bite. It comes in four different colors - grey (pictured), purple, green and black. Keenz is the first company ever to introduce a folding wagon that is also a certified stroller. That's right. That means wherever your stroller is welcome, this baby can come right along as well. 

With any product with a high price point, I really like getting into the nitty gritty of it all so you know exactly what you're getting into and what exactly you're spending your money on. So let's talk:


  • Keenz's main focus is on safety and it really shows throughout the structure. The 7S Wagon Stroller has two five-point safety harnesses built into the inside of both the front and back of the wagon so your children are facing each other. Each harness has a padding on the straps to make them comfy for your children and are adjustable. The 7S can hold up to 110 pounds (so two children, maybe three)

  • One of the best safety features on this wagon is the rear axle brake (or front depending on which way you're pushing the cart). It's the axle with the big tires. A quick and gentle press down on the foot pad keeps this baby sitting tight until you're ready to move again. Quick note: the directions in the manual actually have you installing this backwards (so that you lift up to lock and press down to unlock), flip it around and it'll install easily and correctly. The smaller front wheels have individual locks.
  • The aluminum frame is extremely sturdy (no flimsiness here!) but is still very light to pick up and move around (less than 30 pounds) and is self standing so there's no yanking or pulling to set it up.
  • The frame and fittings are all rounded so you never have to work about your children around sharp edges or having the edges poke through the material.


Let's just say that the Keenz 7S is SO comfy that I wish they made an adult size. I would totally roll in that.
  • With built-in 900D polyester cushioning, for once, it'll be tough to get your kids out of it! As mentioned before, even the harness has pads so everything is soft and safe. The fabric is all removeable for easy cleaning (although, unless your 7S went offroading, I recommend just spot cleaning it!) and everything has snaps and zippers so it's not a total pain to put back on.

  • Another really cool thing about the 7S is the removeable canopy (see above). Four rods come out of the wagon (screw clock-wise to pull them up and lock) and then place the canopy on top for ultimate coverage. The canopy itself can be unzipped to reveal a mesh screen so you can spy check on your little babes.
  • Can we talk about how luxurious the handles are? They're adjustable (with a quick press-in button on the side) to pull up to the appropriate height for you (I'm 5'6 and still had more height to pull up to) and are covered in a simulated leather handle.

  • While my kids rarely nap outside of the car or their beds, the 7S also has built-in shades that roll down from the sides for a black-out effect (minus the front and back, but it's still pretty dark!). If you want them back up, just roll them back up and slip them into the holders so they're out of your way.
  • I'm sure you're wondering, "Cool, Noelle but how's the ride?!" I'm so happy to say it's super smooth, guys. With a spring suspension, huge front treaded wheels (or back depending on how you use it), there's no terrain the 7S can't conquer! We've been over pavement (easy-peasy), sand (no biggie) and rocks (no big deal!).

What It Comes With:

When I say this baby is DECKED out, I really mean decked out. Keenz really thought of everything with storage and ease for parents everywhere. From phones to water bottles to shoes to your son's huge car collection, there's a place for it!

  • Pockets as far as the eye can see! But seriously, this built-in storage center has a pocket for everything from your phone, to water bottle to a pocket big enough to fit an iPad and wallet (with room!).
  • Right now, with purchase, your 7S comes with a cup holder and cooler, free with purchase. I had read that the cup holder is flimsy but haven't had any problems with mine whatsoever. It holds my son's bulky Contigo with no issues.

  • The cooler is a great size and fits a good amount of snacks and drinks. Is it going to keep your stuff cold all day into the night? Probably not. But it does keep everything cool for a few hours while you're out. I really enjoy it! I tucked mine into the "shoe storage" bin attached to the wagon.
  • Speaking of, the shoe storage bin (or I just use it as storage) is amazing and was such a thoughtful thing to add to the wagon. I've tucked blankets, shoes - anything! - in there with ease and without taking a seat away from my children inside. 

  • While you have two curtains and a mesh top built-in to your wagon, Keenz also has a ton of accessories available on their site like a wind cover, rain cover, replacement cup holders, mosquito netting, a cooler and, available for pre-order, a fabric swap package.

Phew! That was a lot of cover but I hope I answered any questions or concerns anyone had on this. It's so tough trying to pick a stroller/wagon that will fit all of your needs. I don't know about you guys but for us, a crappy stroller can really make or break a trip for us. There's been a few occasions where my son would totally "nope" on us with the stroller and we'd end up holding him and pushing the empty stroller around. Tons of fun, right?

With the 7S, both my three year old and my one year old enjoy riding around in it. I think it's because they have a huge window to look out of on both sides and it makes them feel like they're on a ride.

From a parent's point of view, I absolutely love how easy this is to set up and take down. You can't close this with the canopy on but it's very quick to take down. The canopy top itself slips off and then the bars holding up the canopy, swivel down into the wagon. Lock them in (swivel the same direction - no lefty loosey, righty tighty here!) and you're good to go! To fold the wagon, make sure the buckle underneath is unlocked and then pull up on the buckle in the middle (kind of like a pack and play) and wah-lah! Good to go.


  • Can I bring this on a plane? While I personally haven't, I've read people bring them and check them at the gate. I recommend using the protective cover this comes with to make sure nothing gets lost or damaged.
  • Can I bring this to theme parks? While every theme park is different and I would always call beforehand, just in case. The Keenz 7S is a certified stroller so wherever a stroller is welcome, this should be as well. I have brought this to our local theme parks with absolutely no issues. As of May 1, 2019, Disneyland and Disney World will not allow the Keenz in their parks. Even though it seems to meet their newest regulations (strollers must be less than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long), they have unfortunately banned all stroller wagons. Disney hopes this will help reduce congestion. You can read more about their newest updates here.
  • Can I bring this to malls/stores? Definitely. This is basically the same width and length as my double stroller (give or take a few inches) and can cruise through aisles with ease.


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