Thursday, August 31, 2017
The beauty world has been talking about COOLA for awhile now, so when I was approached to try some of their products out, I dove for it!

As a mom who's outside most of the day with her kids and as a beauty blogger who is always testing makeup, I was super intrigued by their sunscreen-infused beauty products. I mean, hey, if I can combine both and kill two birds with one stone, I'm alllllll in.
  • COOLA SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray ($36) - A setting spray with SPF in it? Um, yes, please! This setting spray has a powerful combination of cucumber and aloe vera to soothe the skin, hyaluronic acid to keep that moisture in your skin as well as tone and soften. Peony leaf, juniper berry and Phoenix Leaf stem cells provides antioxidation protection. It contains 70% certified organic ingredients.
  • Mineral Sport SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen Stick (in Golden - $26) - With up to 80 minutes of water resistance, this sunscreen stick is amazing for someone who wants a little added glow to their skin while being protected from the sun. This tinted sunscreen contains coconut and avocado oil, vitamin E and sea kelp extract. The first I noticed, right off the bat, was how moisturizing this was and how soft it instantly made my skin feel. The second thing was the tint. Unfortunately, for my super pale or super dark babes, I feel like this wouldn't work for you. I think this shade best suits light to tan skintones and unfortunately, it's the only shade available (or being made) right now. 

  • Eco-Lux 8oz Sport SPF 50 Guava Mango Sunscreen Spray ($36) - I'll be honest, I haven't had the best experiences with spray sunscreens so I wasn't super thrilled to try this out. No matter how I spray, I always seem to miss a spot or it doesn't have as much sunscreen on it which in turns makes for a spotty sunburn/tan. Anyone else? Not an issue with this spray! The mist is so fine that it applies evenly onto the skin with no issues. My favorite part? Okay, I have three: one, the nozzle is a quick turn to the right to open and left to close. I love knowing that I can tuck this into my tote without it leaking. My second favorite is the scent. Oh my goodness. It's delicious, guys. No typical coconut scent here. Lastly, it I'm pretty sure my skin felt softer after this. It contains cucumber, algae and strawberry extracts to hydrate and nourish the skin.
  • LipLux SPF 15 (in Peppermint + Vanilla - $15) -  I always forget to protect my lips from the sun! Do you? With raspberry and avocado butters, you're lips are nourished and hydrated all while being protected from the sun with SPF15.
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