Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Phew. What a day! We spent the morning racing around doing different errands and while I'm normally the first one to jump up to get out of the house, right now it feels so nice to sit down and blog. Also, I know, I know. This palette is currently sold and I'm an a-hole for putting my review up now BUT as soon as I hear of the newest release date (because I'm positive there will be another), I'll let y'all know ASAP!

But let's talk about the palette because that's what we're all here for, right? The ColourPop Yes, Please! Palette is their first ever fixed 12 pan palette inspired by ColourPop's favorite time of the day - the golden hour!

Let's talk size. The palette itself is quite small (for some reason I thought it'd be bigger) with naturally smaller sized pans (0.85g) compared to their normal pan size (1.5g). When you do the math, it comes out to be about $1.25 a pan ($16 divided by 12 pans) which actually works out to be a good deal.

  • Full-Zip - a matte warm ivory.
  • Big Cocktails - a matte orange.
  • Champs - a matte pale peachy nude.
  • Bling - a metallic rust.
  • Louie - a metallic duochrome red with gold flip.
  • Butter Cake - a metallic pale yellow gold.
  • Spoiled - a matte brick red.
  • Gno - a matte burnt orange.
  • Mischief - a matte warm yellow.
  • Note To Self - a matte warm caramel.
  • Chauffeur - a metallic bright orange with gold flip.
  • French Kiss - a matte deep red brown.
I've been playing around with this palette for a few weeks now and have a few minor notes but I decided not to go into each shade individually because for the most part, they are amazing! Instead I'll be dividing them into their finishes - starting with the mattes. The mattes (Full-Zip, Big Cocktails, Champs, Spoiled, Gno, Mischief, Note To Self and French Kiss) are slightly dusty but incredibly pigmented. I personally don't mind a little fall out when the color pay off are as awesome as these are.

The metallics (Bling, Louie, Butter Cake, Chauffeur) were soft and creamy to work with - minus one. I'm looking at you, Butter Cake. Butter Cake felt kind of crumbly and like it had big sparkles in it (but it didn't - does that make sense?). It was weird to work with. You can see how it had a different consistency than the others in the picture below.

(Crease: Big Cocktails - Lid: Louie - Outer V: Spoiled - Bottom: French Kiss - Inner: Butter Cake)

Buy - ($16)
* Currently, not in stock. Will update once it's restocked!