Wednesday, November 15, 2017
* Thank you to Mojo Spa for sending this!

Hey guys! So... apparently Thanksgiving is next week!? Wait, what. WHAT THE WHAT. When did that happen? I've honestly thought I had at least two weeks. Crap. I'm behind. So, while I can't help you with a good recipe for a side dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, I'm pretty sure no one will be mad if you bring this sweet little thing instead. Just, y'know, don't let anyone eat it.

It's the Mojo Spa Pumpkin Pie Soap ($25) and is it not the cutest soap you've ever seen? 

The Mojo Spa Pumpkin Pie Soap ($25) is the cutest soap to ever land at my front door, guys. I mean, I've always wished I could smell like pumpkin pie (no joke, I'm obsessed with it) and this is probably as close as I'm going to get to that goal until someone creates a perfume. Anyone? Someone get on that. 

Each pie comes in an adorable pie box that honestly makes you never want to cut it because it's too darn cute. The scent isn't one of those fake pumpkin scents but rather one that somehow smells like a freshly baked pumpkin pie with all the cinnamon, cloves and butter mixed into it. It's delicious! I've had to tell my sons a few times not to eat it. And by few, I mean at least ten separate occasions.

The dollops of "whipped cream" contain shea and cocoa butter while the pie itself has castor oil mixed in to give you the softest skin imaginable. I cut the piece above into a third and used that. This pie is definitely meant for sharing! Cut a slice, pop it into a little box or bag and give it away as a gift!

Mojo Spa also has a Sugar Plum Soap Pie ($25), a Mulled Wine Soy Candle ($20), Sugar Me Sweet Whipped Body Cream ($15) and a Mint Mellow Fluff Cleansing Face/Body Scrub ($15) if you're looking for great homemade Christmas presents!

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