Friday, June 1, 2018
* Products sent for review.

Happy Friday, little babes! Today, I'm sharing a full review and look with the brand Macy & Mia! Have you heard of it? It's makeup artist owned, is named after the owner's pets and 10% of every purchase goes to Pay It Forward For Pets. What's not to love there?!

First up, is The Spotlight Palette ($39.99), a highlighter palette with four pans of warm and cool-toned highlighters named after our favorite singing legends!

  • Stevie - a pale gold.
  • Dolly - a pale pink with a slight purple shift.
  • Gwen - a pale beige with a slight pink undertone.
  • Janis - a bronzey gold.

Each shade is soft and light to the touch. Honestly, the swatches don't do the highlighters much justice because looking at these arm swatches, I'm underwhelmed BUT on the face - ohhhhh, on the face! - these highlighters pack a huge punch. I recommend use a brush and lightly dipping into the pan. You can always layer but I'm pretty sure that one swipe will be more than enough! 

Next up, we have two lippies from their line: the Char Lipgloss ($12.99) and the Tristan Lipstick/Lipliner Set ($25.99)!
  • Char - a beautiful soft mauve gloss.
  • Tristan - a cool-toned brown matte (with a matching lipliner).
I'm just getting on board the lipgloss train, guys, so truthfully, Char wouldn't have even made it into my cart but holy cow - I'm so happy I tried it out! Char is pigmented, lightweight on the lips but somewhat thicker in consistency. It doesn't feel sticky at all and within a few minutes, I kind of forgot I was even wearing it. Go figure. 

Tristan is my safe place and Char was my out-of-the-box. Tristan was smooth to apply on the lips but took a while to dry down. The matching lipliner was the same shade as Tristan and was smooth to apply and helped me keep the lipstick "in the lines", so to speak.

Wearing Char | Wearing Tristan

Overall: There wasn't a bad product! Char got me out of my comfort zone and into a glossy world and I don't know if I'll ever go back to mattes. I kid, I kid. Gimme all the mattes! Tristan is actually my comfort zone with it's 90's moody brown. It took a while to set but once it did, it lasted well into the night without reapplying. Lastly, we have The Spotlight Palette which, at first swatch, would have you thinkin' they were a little weak but don't let those finger swatches fool you - the pigment is insane! Just a little and no one can you lose you in a crowd!

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* Their newest collaboration with WWE Diva Ashley Sebera goes live TODAY!