Thursday, July 12, 2018
A few weeks ago, I went on a little shopping spree to relieve some stress. Between my dog passing away unexpectedly, ALL of us getting sick with something that we're just now getting over; I just had to get my mind off things with some retail therapy. I had a few gift cards to Sephora so I decided to grab a few things I've had my eyes on - including a few of Sephora Collection Lip Stories Lipsticks!

Have you seen them? Truthfully, their fun packaging caught my eye first! Each lipstick has it's own "story" and packaging to go with it. I'm a sucker for cute stuff like that!

I haven't heard much about the SC Lip Stories lipsticks and I'm surprised! With almost 40 different shades to choose from (they even have a white lipstick!), with cute packaging and at $8 a pop, I thought these would be all over the place! So many choices but I ended up just choosing three. They contain 0.14 oz of product (compared to NARS lipstick at 0.12oz and Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche at 0.15 oz ) and are supposed to be lightweight but full coverage.

Oui! is a muted medium pink cream from the Wifed Up Collection. "These wedding-party-approved shades are all about L-O-V-E and you + Sephora Collection = <3 4-EVA. " Before I even read the "story" behind this lipstick, I thought to myself how this would be the most perfect pink for a wedding. It's super lightweight and pigmented and out of the three shades I bought, this one if my favorite!

Golden Gate is a deep plum matte from the Top Down Life Collection. "Music’s on, top’s down—these shades were made for road trippin’ with your ride-or-die chicks." Is this the best transition shade from summer to fall? The color is great but I was a little confused on the finish. Whomp, whomp. It wasn't a true matte and more of a satin finish which kind of turned me off. Personally, I like my mattes matte.

Deep Water Bay is a muted orange-y red cream from the Spring Break State of Mind Collection. "When you’re ready to Get. Out. Of. Here. these shades will transport you back to being poolside in Puerto Vallarta." This lipstick gives me ColourPop Confetti vibes! Anyone remember their glossy lipsticks? This gives you allllll the gloss but with a cream-y feel. Hopefully, that makes sense? No bleeding or moving on the lips. Wear time is about five hours and leaves a nice stain.

Final Thoughts:

I liked the price point, pigmentation, lightweight feel and the shade range is amazing. My favorite of the three I purchased was Oui! but Deep Water Bay was a close second. 

A few cons would be the packaging - it's a smidge cheap feeling with them being cardboard - and the fact that the finishes might not be true to their name. Golden Gate was a matte but felt more like a satin-y finish with a sheen. Deep Water Bay and even Oui! were creams but almost had a shine to them. 

I would recommend these if you're looking for a lipstick that won't break the bank and will give you coverage without feeling heavy. I'm looking to try Tan Lines next!

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