Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Who's watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel!? My fiance and are pretty obsessed with it and we're pretty excited that our oldest son is into this year as well. My fave has been Guy Fieri's Feeding Frenzy because I appreciate the effort behind the entire idea of the show. Oh! And Cuba's Secret Shark Lair. That was pretty intense. Our youngest doesn't really care unless it's Peppa Pig or The Bumble Nums going into the shark cage, y'know?

Actually, I think a lot of parents would watch that one too. 😝

Both of my boys have lots of shark themed outfits to celebrate - and also, because they just really like sharks. A lot. So, I thought'd I'd share some shark-themed outfits and shirts so you can get in on the fun!

Also, it was pouring when I took these pictures (but the boys loved it) and ugh, the quality isn't the greatest. Some little hands got to my 50mm lens so I had to send it out to be fixed. 

PS. Shark Week ends Sunday! Let me know if you watch it!

(Both of the boy's outfits are Cat & Jack and while I can't find them online, I've seen them in stores still!)

For The Boys:

For You:

Unfortunately, there's not a bunch of options for shark-themed things for women (what's up with that!?) but I put together some cute stuff. I love those shark tooth earrings and Shark Week actually has a collab with Vineyard Vines that I linked above. Super cute!

Would you ever go swimming with sharks?