Friday, August 3, 2018
Hey babes! Today, I'm back with another Deck of Scarlet Palette! If you remember, a few month's ago I reviewed one and truthfully, wasn't too impressed (you can check the review out here), so I'm  really excited I was given the opportunity to try them out again.

What's Deck of Scarlett, you might ask? It's kind of like a subscription box where a new palette will be sent straight to your door but instead of every month, this one is sent every two months. Each palette is curated by a popular YouTuber and is $29.95. You can skip a month at any time. They are cruelty free, paraben free and made in the good ol' USA.

This month's collaboration is with Belle Jorden! Belle Jorden is a super creative and edgy cruelty-free YouTuber. She wants her fellow beauty lovers to "go bold, dream big and make their own rules". Her palette is absolutely stunning and is giving me alllllll the amethyst feels. I love purples and pinks, so this palette is right up my alley!

Let's talk packaging! Deck of Scarlet always has the most creative ones. This month's features a beautiful model with a "sketched" outline around her. The sleeve over it is just the model without the sketching. The palette itself is very sturdy and has two flaps that open separately. One is for the pressed powder shadows and blushes and the other opens to their cream lipstick pans. This palette also came with a mascara!

The palette comes with three pressed shadows, one blush, one highlighter and a mascara.


Shhhh - a light champagne highlighter. Shhhh is gorgeous, pigmented and while a smidge flaky in the swatches, feels silky on the skin.

Whisper - a dusty mauve blush. How pretty is Whisper?! I don't think I own a blush like it. The consistency is pretty dry but my brush picked up a good amount and applied without any problems. A little goes a long way!


Supernova - a lilac with a blue shimmer flip. Ohhhh, Supernova. My heart can't take how gorgeous it is. Spoiler alert: the formula is pigmented and silky and is my fave shadow from this palette.

Crush - a matte eggplant. The consistency was so, so dry but it performed alright on the lid, blending out nicely. It needed a little help to build up opacity. Overall, it was so so.

Drama - a cool-toned taupe. Drama kind of followed in Crush's footsteps. Dry but performed okay on the lid. No fall out but needed a little help to build opacity.


Passion - a cool toned pink. I remember loving the lipsticks in the last Deck of Scarlet palette and these don't disappoint either. Passion is probably the most perfect, flattering pink I've seen in awhile. It's smooth, pigmented and feels nice on the lips. It doesn't dry down to anything and has a little sheen finish.

Tempting - a bright Barney purple. This is such a fun color, especially for summer! Tempting is a little less opaque than Passion but pigmented nonetheless. It moves a little on the lips so I recommend applying twice for the best results.

Wearing Passion | Wearing Tempting


I loved that there was a mascara in this month's palette! I'm a bit of a mascara fan so it's always nice to try a new one out.

No mascara / mascara.

YES, YES, YES. This mascara is awesome! It's a little wet for my taste but I know that within a few pumps of air, it'll get a little thicker to my liking. Even with it being wetter than I like, I didn't experience any "spider legs" or clumping. I loved it!

Overall, I'm so happy I got another chance to try out a Deck of Scarlet palette. This month's definitely blew away the last one I tried. The pigmentation was MUCH better! The winners from this palette are definitely Supernova, the two lipsticks and the mascara.

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