Thursday, August 9, 2018
I am the worst. I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a month, waiting for a pictures to be added to it. UGH. I think it'll still help! Anywho, if your little guys are anything like mine, they've probably spent the summer with no shirts... and no pants as well because that's how we roll around here. Heck, half of the time I can't tell if I'm home or in a nudist colony with these guys.

I know that finding cute clothes for the little guys can be tough so I've compiled my absolute must-haves for a summer/hot weather wardrobe for your little guy - without breaking the bank!

Swim Trunks:

I mean, what would summer be without swimming, am I right? Target is my go-to for cute swim trunks (and tops) under $10 but if you're looking to spend a smidge more, Old Navy is awesome as well. We grab two swim trunks per child because I'm the worst at throwing them in the laundry and not having them ready and dry for the next day. And kids are super weird and won't wear wet swimmies even though they're going to get wet anyway. #science

Tees + Tanks:

You can never have too many tees and tanks! We usually take advantage of Memorial Day sales to stock up. Old Navy, Carter's, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, H&M, Zara and Target are just a few places that usually have some great deals. If you miss the sales, no worries as almost all of these stores have coupons and promo codes going at all times so make sure to do a quick Google search for them before checking out!


Just like tees, you can never have too many pairs of shorts! I don't know how many times the boys change throughout the day because their pants got muddy or dirty or whatever the heck happens in the five seconds I look away. While we love jean shorts, we usually grab a bunch of softer shorts since my boys are always on the move.


My youngest has light blue eyes and light skin so I really try to make sure he's covered up while we're outside. My mom always used to talk about how her light eyes were super sensitive to the sun. Plus, on top of sunscreen, hats are a great way to block out some of those rays. We opt for a sun hat for my littlest and a baseball cap for my oldest. 


Shoes are so tough! Not only are our toddler's feet constantly growing but they're growing wide and long and just - you think shoe makers would consider all of that, am I right? My youngest has long big toes that I swear add an extra size up just because of them. 

Phew! So there's our picks - kid approved and wallet not drained! What are your must-haves for your little guys summer wardrobe?

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