Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Okay, guys. Show of hands. Ahem. Who didn't shop the Nordstrom sale? I mean, it was EVERYWHERE, right? I couldn't get away from it! I think just about every single blogger I follow (but get your hustle on, girls!) was posting their faves and super cute OOTD's and I kind of sort of had a small case of FOMO.

I'm going to be real with you all. I couldn't afford it. I couldn't even afford those things on sale - and it's okay. It's also okay if you can afford it. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't totally drooling over a bunch of cute stuff from the sale though and seeing how I could open a credit card to afford it all (kidding, kidding). In particular, the shoes this year totally grabbed my attention! Bootie bootie rockin' EVERYWHERE - but they kind of looked familiar too. I noticed that a lot of them had cheaper dupes out there. 

You bet your "bootie" I found the hottest ones (even sold out ones) and their cheaper dupe counterparts and put 'em allllll together in one post for y'all.

(CR dupe also available in brown + buy one, get one $12.50)

(take extra 20% off with code ZZFALL20)

I'm wearing the Universal Thread booties in the main picture! I love them!

Pretty good dupes, right? 

Let me just state, however, that these are purely dupes of what they look like. I have no idea if they "fit" and "wear" the same way, unfortunately but always recommend reading the comments and reviews of any product and order according to that feedback!

Which ones are your faves? Any ones that I missed?!

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