Thursday, November 29, 2018
It's mighty morphin' Morphe time! That doesn't even make sense but I've been dyin' to say it. Anyway, let's talk about Morphe! Have you guys tried them? I happened upon their shop in the Miracle Mall in Las Vegas last month and decided to pick up a few things - including their All In Your Selfie Palette ($16), as well as a few of their brushes.

The 15T All In Your Selfie Palette is limited edition, $16 and is part of Morphe's Holiday 2018 collection. Morphe describes the palette as, "15 sultry, down-to-earth shades that blend like a dream". The tones of this palette are a mix of warm reds and browns with some pops of yellows. #Artist is what initially caught my eye because holy cow, it's this intense bright neon yellow-green and completely eye-catching.

I'm not going to lie. I wasn't too sure what to expect. I've definitely researched and read allllll about Morphe and how people feel towards them and their products. As always, I try to remain unbiased and color me intrigued with this little palette.


  • #MorpheBabe - a matte red poppy.
  • #StrikeAPose - a matte nutmeg.
  • #DopePic - a matte toasted hazelnut with sparkle.
  • #NoFilterNeeded - a metallic ginger.
  • #BlendTheRules - a fiery orange shimmer.
  • #WokeUpLikeDis - a matte cinnamon.
  • #SorryNotSorry - a matte pecan.
  • #OOTD - a matte burnt umber.
  • #ThrowBack - a matte mocha.
  • #RelationshipGoals - a matte black plum.
  • #Artist - a metallic chartreuse.
  • #Before -a matte olive green.
  • #After - a metallic golden lime.
  • #WerkIt - a metallic gunmetal.
  • #Glam - a shimmering charcoal.
The two shades I had issues with using (even though they both swatch great which is why you should never trust finger swatches) is #BlendTheRules and #Artist (DAMN IT. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!) They're both pretty sheer and take awhile to build up. Mix a little Fix+ or heck, even water with them though, and they're super opaque and pretty with no problems.

 (Outer v + inner lid: #RelationshipGoals / Middle: #Artist / Inner Corner: #NoFilterNeeded)

Well, well, well. Impressed, am I. I'm sounding like Yoda over here. But seriously. Bravo, Morphe! Granted, this is my first palette from them but wowzers! All of this pigmentation and buttery goodness for $16? Um, yes please. The mattes wow'd me big time. They weren't dry but rather soft and creamy to work with. Fave shades? #RelationshipGoals and #Throwback, hands down.

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