Thursday, December 13, 2018
In November, I had the absolute privilege to be one of the judges for The Hair Show - Connecticut's Hair and Beauty competition at MAGS Pizza Bar & Grill here in Seymour, CT. Talk about feeling so incredibly honored! Barbershops, salons, students and alumni from all over Connecticut are invited to compete in The Hair Show where they are judged on their creativity through their hair, makeup, outfits and performance.

What's even more amazing about The Hair Show is every year, 100% of the ticket sales proceeds go to benefit a local family. This year's went to the Soucy Family who recently lost their three year old daughter Elliana to leukemia.

(Picture credit: Oxford Academy of Hair Design)

This year's show was jam packed with special guests including Matt Munson, from the Bachelorette, Coley O'Toole from We The Kings, MC'd by KC101's Adam Rivers with a special performance by Double Up Dance Studio...until the snow hit.

Unfortunately, CT got hit with a pretty epic snow storm and caused a few performers, salons and judges to cancel. I normally wouldn't even talk about this because hey, the snow really was bad out,  I totally get it, but I wanted to give a huge kudos to Kellie, the owner of Oxford Academy of Hair Design and The Hair Show for running the show so smoothly despite the minor setbacks. Talk about a total girl boss!

I got there a little early and got to see everyone running around, fixing their models, taking pictures and you could just feel the excitement pulsing in the air. It reminded me of why I love this industry and beauty in general. It's that excitement of trying something new, something crazy, something creative. It's that love of making someone feeling amazing - inside and out - just with a few strokes of a brush.

If you're local to CT, I highly recommend checking out The Hair Show next year. I think they have a show coming up in the spring. If you're not local, check out your state's beauty/hair school's sites for their own shows!

And again, a HUGE thank you to Kellie and The Oxford Academy of Hair Design for having me!