Tuesday, January 29, 2019
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With Valentine's Day just a couple of weeks away, you might be looking for a romantic rosy toned eyeshadow palette. No? Just us beauty bloggers looking for a way to tie in a palette with an upcoming holiday? Just keepin' it real. But seriously. Anthony bought me the Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette ($65) for Christmas and I've been dying to share it with y'all.

XO, Noelle reviews the HUDA Beauty The New Nudes Palette
XO, Noelle reviews the HUDA Beauty The New Nudes Palette

"Reinventing nude so you can experience it like never before, The New Nude Palette by HUDA BEAUTY is versatile and wearable in equal measure. Delivering infinite possibilities, this unexpected palette encourages you to experiment, empower, and express yourself however you please."

The Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette ($65) is Huda's latest hard-to-keep-in-stock palette. I tried buying this before Christmas a few times and each time it was sold out. The New Nude Palette includes 18 shadows with 10 mattes (formulated with aloe vera and coconut oil), four "reflective shades (that) feature shimmering pearl flecks for  gorgeous duo-chromatic finish", two glitter shades "infused with innovative silicones for advanced adherence, pigment dispersion and luminosity",a pressed pearl shade made with acacia, jojoba and sunflower wax for "high shimmer finish" and a concealer shade.

XO, Noelle reviews the HUDA Beauty The New Nudes Palette with swatches
XO, Noelle reviews the HUDA Beauty The New Nudes Palette swatches


  • Bare - a light pinky peach matte.
  • Crave - a golden copper metallic with a light gold shimmer.
  • Play - a medium peach matte.
  • Fantasy - a warm burgundy shimmery metallic.
  • Love Bite - a cool-toned berry matte.
  • Spanked - a warm-toned berry matte.
  • Lace - a light lavender matte.
  • Daydream - a medium pink metallic with an icy finish.
  • Tickle - a medium pink matte.
  • Excite - multi shades of red micro glitter in a transparent base.
  • Infatuated - a mix of pink, copper, dark red micro glitter in a transparent base.
  • Kinky - a reddish plum with a light pink pearly duochrome finish.
  • Concealed - a light yellow-toned concealer.
  • Secret - a medium/dark pink matte.
  • Tease - a brownish plum matte.
  • Raw - a reddish brown matte.
  • Charmed - a reddish brown metallic with a light pink metallic finish.
  • Teddy - a warm-toned mauve matte.


If I were to liken this palette to anything, it would a buffet. There's definitely a little something for everyone! My fave shades of this palette were Crave, Play, Fantasy, Daydream, Tickle and Secret! I loved the reflective shades the most. The pigmentation was on point and lasted the entire day. The mattes that I loved were smooth to work with and opaque, with little to no fall out or powderyness.


Unfortunately, there were a few shades that I didn't care for. The two glitter shades - Excite and Infatuated - were unique in that they had their own transparent base. You didn't neccessarily need a glitter glue/base to use them but due to the large amount of fall out throughout the day, I would highly suggest using one underneath. The shade Concealed is a concealer to be used as a base for your eyeshadows or can even be used over them for a cut crease. Unfortunately, I didn't like it as a base as it was way too thin and none of the eyeshadows I wore over it stayed put and it was too sheer to apply over a dark eyeshadow for a cut crease.


Would I recommend this? Okay. I would recommend this palette if you don't have a rosy toned one already in your collection. If you're a beauty enthusiast like myself, you're probably going to need this anyway because "iTs nOt LiKe aLL ThE OtHeRs" but if you're just someone looking for a rose-toned palette, I can definitely find a cheaper one for you! Wet n Wild Rose in The Air ($4.99) comes to mind. It's not all rose tones but will definitely quench that thirst - and the pigmentation for the price is UNBELIEVABLE. Milani Pure Passion Palette ($19.99) gives you all the rose tones and then some! Oh, and lastly - ColourPop Cosmetics Give It To Me Straight ($16) is a great mauve-y palette that gives you alllll the romance.


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